Victorian Street Walk – Thankvember Twenty-Ninth

On Thankvember Twenty-Ninth, the children and I enjoyed the Saratoga  Springs Victorian Street Walk.  We began our adventure with a trolley shuttle ride, and a bit of silliness outside  Ben and Jerry’s.

Since these pictures are so evocative of the experience, I will let them do most of the talking, and simply saying that we are all grateful for the Victorian Street Walk, Saratoga being only a short drive from us, beautiful window displays, costumed strollers, musicians, many dogs, reindeer, lights, kettle corn, and a very pleasant late November night perfect for strolling…

The children and some window scenes…

Dancing in the street, and enjoying some official strollers, and architecture, even if something went funky with the camera, and the lights came out streaky!

A giant metal pig, lovely jewelry, and a joyful evergreen display.

Traditional Spanish treats, carolers, kettle corn in the making, and more storefronts.

Jeremiah, Annalise, and two anonymous reindeer.

Rocking horse and more architecture, evergreen tree, kettle corn kids, Sorrow for the closed-forever Borders, and the traditional Saratoga Peppermint Pig.

Wreaths and boughs, a cute cupcake, more windows, more impressive architecture.

More funky lights and the full moon, and a lovely Asian arch.

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