Thankvember – Thankvember Thirtieth – Thankvember Thirtieth


Perhaps, it seems a little odd to be thanking Thankvember….


But, maybe it was odd that I even attempted this blog hop, in a month where I was also doing the ROW80 and NaNoWriMo challenges, and in which I have the children’s homeschooling reports to compile and submit. undertook this challenge, along with the other large projects I was already involved in, because I feel that gratitude is always important, and makes my life richer and more joyful.

So, although I struggled to complete all the posts before midnight on the 30th,(as I type this into my word processing program, my clock reads 11:00 PM, and it is now November 30th), and I have not managed to get all of my posts in daily, but, far more often, in bits and batches, I have not regretted the extra challenge.

I’ve been afforded a reason to consider and list some things I am grateful for, and to share them with you.

Things have been a bit too hectic, writing-wise, to allow me to visit other Thankvember bloggers this month…but I will be visiting, as soon as the reports have been submitted. 

I’m looking forward to that – to reading what others are thankful for!

And that gives me something else to be grateful for!



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