Joyous Busyness – Thankvember NaNoROW, 11/28/12


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It’s been a productive few days, here, on many levels. Jim spent most of his Monday and Tuesday taking care of seasonal errands. The children both fell in love with my new Kindle Fire HD, and decided that they would like their own as Christmas gifts this year. Jim and I worked the budget, and realized that we could manage it. So we ordered them with the understanding that this was our Christmas budget, so there will be stockings and no big presents on Christmas Day – Jeremiah has asked for a big bag of barbecue chips (his favorite), and five dollars. Annalise has mentioned Littlest Pet Shops and Zhu Zhu Pets – and there will of course be treats of assorted varieties!

I have been writing – mostly the reports, which are due this weekend. I’ve been sneaking in bits and pieces of my NaNo WIP , and a little of my Thankvember Blog Hop posting. That will become a higher priority during the current session, since the blog hop ends on Friday, and I am currently three days behind.

In other news, Achoo the kitten is getting big and strong. Her tiny baby mew is maturing into an actual meow, and she is very interested in connecting with Srindi and Squeak.

Speaking of the bigger girls, they are adjusting. A little more than a week after their arrival, both are easing into the flow of life at our house.

Srindi, Miah’s kitten, seems to like smaller, enclosed spaces, and observing the sights and sounds around her. She has staked a claim to my office, and is gradually exploring it. During the day, she tends to stay behind or under something at the edges of the room, but, once things quiet, she moves out into the open. Yesterday, for the first time, we spotted her on the table where Achoo eats, and also lying, alert yet relaxed, on my office chair. She has let Jeremiah touch her a few times, and likes to be talked softly to. She’s a bit uncertain about Achoo, but is getting used to her.

Squeak, Annalise’s kitten, is more of an adventurer. She likes larger areas to hide beneath, and moves more frequently – first, under our bed; then under the family room couch; and, the last day or two, under the kitchen counters. She and Achoo have struck up a close friendship, but she hasn’t yet allowed any of us to touch her. She seems to have recovered fully from her spaying, and has explored the kitchen, family room, and bedrooms, thus far.

Both of the bigger girls use litter boxes, and Achoo had chosen a cleaning rag forgotten in a corner. She’s now getting the hang of the box.

I’m not sure that Srindi and Squeak know yet that their sister is here, as they have been mostly in separate rooms. We are all looking forward to their eventual and hopefully happy reunion.

All signs say that we will eventually have three cats who get along well with each other, and are at ease living with us. =D


Photo courtesy Amazon Kindle. Click for source.

First, a few New Things, as the November Challenges wind down…

I’ve attained one of my Big Five for November. Two more are well underway. The last two are ongoing, and I am current with them.

That means a little room is clearing up in my mind and my writing flow, and so, I am adding a few small secondary projects to the list, to fill in the gaps that will be appearing as other things are finished or humming along nicely.

Resume using Twitter for reading, commenting, posting, and connecting.

  • Twitter is becoming more naturally a part of my life. I am especially enjoying reading articles, and connecting in a more concise way.
  • I’ve gone through my “Who to Follow” list, where I found some friends, and let intuition and curiosity lead me to new following adventures.

Catch up with comments on shanjeniah.

  • I have answered all current questions, and have attained this goal.
  • I’ve resumed my pattern of answering comments on Mondays and Thursdays.

 Modified #ROW80 / #NaNoWriMo Projects November 1-30, 2012

 I have completed theNaNoWriMo Challenge . I’m focusing on the homeschool reports, and interspersing smaller projects – “hometending” in my writing spaces, both physical and virtual, so that I can ring in 2013 fresh and ready for new and continuing writing adventures.

I am serving as a  ROW80 sponsor for this round.

  • I visited on my established Monday/Thursday schedule.


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I will be participating in NaNoWriMo throughout November, writing at least 50,000 words of another novel in my TruebornWeft series, Sima Garo Provides.

  • I tend to get quite solitary when I am noveling. I intend, this time, to visit my buddies at least a few times each during the round, and to visit the NaNoWriMo 2012 Facebook Page at least once a day, as well as the #NaNoWriMo folks over atTwitter.
  • I’ve checked in at the Facebook page, offering congratulations, support, and cheering.
  • I’ve visited with folks over at #nanowrimo for cheering, kudos and community.
  • I am beginning to read the other interviews at My Write Spot (mine went up on the 16th).
  • This goal is being set aside until December, or until I clear the November projects.
  • I will be posting updates here, and likely also on my shanjeniah’s Trueborn blog.
  • I didn’t get that much writing done on this project this session, as I have been focused on the quarterly reports for the children.
  • This session’s excerpt:
  • A very short excerpt, this time…
  • Sima Garo Provides – Chapter Ten, Scene 3 (in progress)
  • And, of course, I will be writing a novel this month…or 50,000 words of one, anyway! =)
  • My current word count is: 55,361. My goal is to finish the month with 56,000 words or more. Getting closer! =D


Yum! Public domain image. Click for source.

Fitness Goals – I will focus on eating before I am hungry (and getting protein and magnesium into every other time I eat). I will be active enough that I can always feel my body and muscles. I will add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and be more attentive to how much water I am drinking.

  • I will be recording my progress here, along with my energy levels for that Sunday – Tuesday or Wednesday – Saturday period.
  • Sunday- Monday are still at Slack Tide, with hints of an approaching High Tide.
  • I continued with moderate to mellow hometending, and a bit of organization.
  • I’ve done a bit of abs work, and a little dancing.
  • I have been following a more intuitive and natural approach to eating and drinking, and allowing myself to feel my body’s wishes.
  • Continuing with conscious eating, and doing a little better with attending to my water intake.
  • We are continuing, as a family, to add more whole ingredients to our shopping lists.
  • I am eating more foods in a state closer to their natural one, and that feels good!


Annalise’s independent magnetic pattern block art – 2010, at age 6.

Moving ahead with the Reporting Pages projects for both children..

  • These are non-negotiable and due on December 1, 2012.
  • I actually have a little extra time with these….they are due on Saturday, but there will be no one in the office to accept them until Monday morning, so, if needed, I will use that little bit of time as an unofficial “grace period”.
  • I will be making these a primary focus in this and coming sessions, until complete, edited, linked, submitted, and posted. I would like to clear this obligation from my mental clutter list – and the sooner, the better!! =D
  • I am moving forward into the endgame of this project.
  • I will report my progress here with each update.
  • I completed Annalise’s Visual Arts and Music sections, and am currently writing her Foreign Language Arts section.
  • I completedJeremiah’s United States History andPatriotism and Citizenship sections, and am currently writing hisGeography section.


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I am participating in the Thankvember Blog Hop.

I will be scheduling them ahead where and when I can. When I can’t, I will do them at some point throughout the day.

  • I’ve been focused on the quarterly reports, and completed only one post for this session:
  • Laughter – Thankvember Twenty- Fifth
  • Posts for Thankvember Twenty-Sixth and -Seventh are in varying stages of creation, and I have tentative ideas to carry me through the rest o the month.
  • I am still hoping to complete all these posts before midnight on the 30th, so they will be my secondary focus between now and then – just behind the reports.

My overarching goal for this round remains: To Honor Myself– my rhythms, energy, needs, truth, dreams, desires, and emotions.

After I post this report, it’s back to some fairly intensive writing for me, as I wrap up my November goals.

At the next update, I will have a few new goals, as I transition back to my pre-November projects until completed, or the end of the round arrives.

I also have an idea for December, but I will keep that to myself, just for now….

May your days be bright and busy with joyous creation!

Me, on the Atlantic Coast in York, Maine, September, 2007. Photo by Eden Mabee.

It’s a BLOG HOP!


  1. Outstanding success!!! Congratulations on achieving your NaNoWriMo goals and for holding everything together exceptionally well. I take my hat off to you.

    • Cate –

      Thank you! I do feel that, after the chaos and muddle that Round 3 was, for me, I have reset thins to allow me to wok productively, purposefully, and joyously.

      And that makes a huge difference, for me.

      I’m glad you stopped by, and hope all is going well for you! =D

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