Technology -Thankvember Twenty-Third

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Technology -Thankvember Twenty-Third

I live today in a world very different than the one I was born into. I know that there is a tendency in people of a certain age to reminisce about the good old days, but this is not that kind of post.

Yes, there are trivial places in which I think our technology has gone a bit overboard, and critical ones where I feel it’s lagging behind, but I don’t want to focus on those, either, in this post.

This post is intended instead as a celebration of the ways in which technology enhances the lives of this family.

We are all simple people, and we all enjoy taking in mew ideas, information, and inspiration. So, for all of us, the new devices and systems for entertainment and communication are, in a very real sense, fantasy come to life.

It began with getting cable TV. For the first several years we lived here, we didn’t have cable, and could rely on only one channel. The American transition to digital television led to our making the choice to have basic cable installed.

Immediately, we all had access to a much wider slice of the world. Around the same time, Jeremiah, then seven, became intensely interested in handheld games systems. His first was a Game Boy Advance, which he purchased with saved allowance money.

A few months later, we replaced our faltering dial-up Internet connection with a wireless Roadrunner connection, and my new laptop was now connectable everywhere, at a speed that matched the availability of information.

Meanwhile, game systems continued to join our lives – Jeremiah seems to thrive with learning presented within a technological format, and he learned how to connect and use, in fairly rapid succession, the Gameboy, a DS, and a DS-i; and he was instrumental in the purchase of a gaming joystick, a Gamecube, a Playstation 2, and an Xbox 360.

Eventually, I replaced my large laptop, first with an older tablet that was not what I was looking for, and then with a much smaller, but more efficient, Lenovo Ideapad S9. The tablet and the old laptop floated between owners for a while.

Both children eventually acquired Nintendo 3DS units, and our family acquired a Roku and a Wii.We all got simple pay-as-you-go cellphones, and Jeremiah got a laptop like mine.

We have had a streaming Netflix account for a couple of years, and it is used (mostly through the Wii console, or the Roku) on one of our two modestly sized flatscreen TV’s – we bought inexpensive models in smaller sizes, so that we could have the features we most wanted.

This week,after saving my personal spending fund for several weeks, I was able to buy myself a Kindle Fire HD. I am loving this little device, which offers me worlds in the palm of my hand…

For all the technology that has enriched us, allowed us to speak with people on other continents about all manner of things, that spreads ideas and experiences and images across a far-flung network, free for us to partake of.

Our lives are richer because of this technology. We are richer, wiser, and fuller because of it.

The enriching gifts of technology. Public domain image-click for source/


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