National Parks – Thankvember Twenty-First


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National Parks  – Thankvember Twenty-First




I’ve managed to get a day behind again, as my big full-rich life pulled me away. So, rather than a long treatise on our national parks, I am going to just share a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, as part of my OctPoWriMo Challenge. You can find all my October poems here.






English: Cliff geyser and Firehole river at Bl...
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Firehole River Splash



(Yellowstone National Park Wyoming, 1999)





I walk along the bank with my young pup



Respectful of this wild Wyoming land of



Bison, bear, and wolves.



I’m watching the puppy explore



With his sensitive, busy nose



Until I hear the splash.



Then I look up, confused because



There is nothing here to make



such a sound



With such a feel of substance to it.



I scan the river, instinct freed



To feel through my senses in a way



Not needed in the workaday world.



But no instinct could prepare me



For the breath stopping moment





Something rising from the water



Something alive –



The moment crystal and infinite



White feathered head



Yellow eye meeting mine without



Hesitation or fear.



I am the one who does not belong






Rising, rising, rising…






Rainbows of water



Powerful wings spread and lift



Beak opens in a fierce cry



Away from the trees on the



Opposite bank comes



Eager answer.



And now, the talons



Clutching the small, arching trout



Who could not avoid



The bald eagle
























Bald eagle





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