Kindling New Fires – Thankvember NaNoROW 11/21/1


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It has been an eventful time, here. Three kittens of two ages are in various stages of adjusting to life here.

I have a new Kindle Fire, and am learning how to use it, adding apps, and letting the kids have a turn.

On Monday night, Jim came home from his workout and errand run with a new flatscreen to replace our old analog TV, which had become “possessed” in the last few weeks – turning itself on and off at will, refusing to turn on or off when we attempted, turning on or off when we tried to change the volume or channel. To put it nicely, watching television, or even sleeping in the room with it, was an adventure!

While programming the channels, we discovered that there are digital channels which come with our cable package, but which we couldn’t pick up with the analog set. One of them is a classic TV station with many of the shows Jim and I enjoyed (on separate coasts), as kids and teens. At long last, we can share them together, and watch new things.

Wikipedia photo. click for source

As I type this, I am enjoying Remington Steele, a personal favorite from my adolescence, and my introduction to Pierce Brosnan….

Now we’ve moved on to Mary Tyler Moore. Life is good. =D

First, a few New Things, as the November Challenges wind down…

I’ve attained one of my Big Five for November. Two more are well underway. The last two are ongoing, and I am current with them.

That means a little room is clearing up in my mind and my writing flow, and so, I am adding a few small secondary projects to the list, to fill in the gaps that will be appearing as other things are finished or humming along nicely.

Choose and order a Kindle e-reader.

  • I have been saving up for weeks, and I now have enough for most models. What will it be? How exciting! =D
  • I have ordered a 7” Kindle Fire HD, which will be my browsing and entertainment machine, and will allow me to use my Sweet L’il Lenovo more as a focused writing machine. This goal has been attained.

    What my Kindle fire looks like….click for source.

Research classes at WANATribe, and check in over there.

  • It feels like I’ve been away too long!
  • I checked in, posted a status, responded to a comment, and checked on upcoming classes. Just browsing at the moment, but several pique my interest. This goal has been attained.

Resume using Twitter for reading, commenting, posting, and connecting.

  • I was really enjoying it when November swept me away on the crazy-fertile tides of intensity, and I want to enjoy it some more!
  • Just a tiny peek thus far – but a beginning.

Catch up with comments on shanjeniah.

  • I have, at this writing, 18 unanswered comments from this month. I want to answer those!
  • I deleted a batch of my own linkbacks, but have yet to answer any of the comments.

Begin sorting and deleting email messages.

  • These are far more backed up than the blog comments, so I don’t expect to get caught up so quickly. But I do expect to stem the growth, so that they will be more manageable as I go along…
  • I’ve deleted a few hundred messages, and still have a few hundred left to sort.
  • Again, it’s a start.

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Modified #ROW80 / #NaNoWriMo Projects November 1-30, 2012

I have completed the NaNoWriMo Challenge . I will be focusing on the homeschool reports, and will also be interspersing smaller projects into my writing times as noted above. I will then spend the remainder of the round doing “hometending” in my writing spaces, both physical and virtual so that I can begin a new year with the greater degree of focus I am striving for now.

I am serving as a  ROW80sponsor for this round.

  • My Sponsor Post went up this week.
  • I will be answering comments there within the week.
  • I have resumed my established Monday/Thursday visiting schedule.

  • And an extra:
  • ROWNaNo Act Three
  • I will continue to post twice-weekly updates on my progress.
  • Continuing to meet this goal. =D

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I will be participating in NaNoWriMo throughout November, writing at least 50,000 words of another novel in my Trueborn Weft series, Sima Garo Provides.

  • I tend to get quite solitary when I am noveling. I intend, this time, to visit my buddies at least a few times each during the round, and to visit the NaNoWriMo 2012 Facebook Page at least once a day, as well as the #NaNoWriMo folks over at Twitter, which I am finally getting the hang of.
  • I have continued to visit the Facebook NaNo Page, sometimes throughout the day, and others just to drop in here or there.
  • I am beginning to visit my Writing Buddies, albeit slowly.
  • I met with Eden Mabee on Tuesday evening talk about writing, life, and even write a very few words.
  • We each read aloud several excerpts and discussed – not being critical, only to better understand what seemed random bits and pieces, and to explain our own ideas and backstory.
  • I feel shifts and ides and inspiration coming from this time and interaction, and spent time on my story for the first time in 3 days. The writing is very slow right now, but I am feeling my way through an unforeseen but descriptive scene, a waiting space before the action heats up again. I’m not at all sure where it’s going or if it will be in the next draft, but I do know that there is value in creating it now.
  • I am beginning to read the other interviews at Donna B. McNicol
  • I intend to make comments on each interview after I read it, and to visit those interviewees who inspire or intrigue me.
  • I haven’t gotten very far with this – maybe this will become a December project, rather than being squeezed into already-full November, where there just my not be enough room for them.
  • I will be posting updates here, and likely also on my shanjeniah’s Trueborn blog.
  • I wrote only a few hundred words here since the Sunday 11/18 Update. Between three kittens, a night out, a new TV with new channels, blogposts, and homeschool reports, there was little time or inspiration until Tuesday night.
  • And, of course, I will be writing a novel this month…or 50,000 words of one, anyway! =)
  • My current word count is 53,004. I am in the midst of Chapter Ten, Scene One.

Fitness Goals – I will focus on eating something each time I am hungry (and getting protein and magnesium into every other time I eat). I will be active enough that I can always feel my body and muscles. I will add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and be more attentive to how much water I am drinking. 

Image via Wikipedia. Click for source.

  • I will be recording my progress here, along with my energy levels for that Sunday – Tuesday or Wednesday – Saturday period.
  • I have been in a state of Ebb Tide. I seem to need to be dabbling here and there and doing this and that during the last few days, after the intense focuses of finishing NaNo, and catching up on the blogposts.
  • I’ve done little physically -I’ve been sleeping more than I had for a couple of weeks (I often go through a week or two where I average 4-6 hours of sleep a night, then have a few days where I sleep 8-10 hours, and still feel tired..I’m beginning to see cycles clarifying, and to have a sense of the coming of the different phases.
  • I’ve moved a little firewood, done a little shopping, driven the Subaru on two significant drives, done very minimal hometending, and rested, which seems to have been just what I needed.
  • I have been following a more intuitive and natural approach to eating and drinking, and allowing myself to feel my body’s wishes.

Jeremiah’s marshmallow and toothpick structure, December 2010, age 9.

Moving ahead with the Reporting Pages projects for both children..

  • These are non-negotiable and due on December 1, 2012.
  • I will be making these a primary focus in this and coming sessions, until complete, edited, linked, submitted, and posted. I would like to clear this obligation from my mental clutter list – and the sooner, the better!! =D
  • I have reformatted and completed Annalise’s American History Section, and copied all the objectives for her Social Sciences section (US History,Patriotism and Citizenship, and Geography).
  • The rest of these should go more quickly, and since most of them are things Jeremiah, Annalise, and I did as a group, I can copy and paste them into his report, then edit the parts that differ.
  • After this section is done, the rest seems to go more quickly, so I expect I will have rough drafts complete for Sunday’s check in.
  • I will report my progress here with each update.
  • Progress is listed above.
  • I am still not where I want to be with this goal, but, as I am now making this my main objective, and I am past the always-prodigious sciences sections, things will be moving along more quickly.

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I am participating in the Thankvember Blog Hop.

I will be scheduling them ahead where and when I can. When I can’t, I will do them at some point throughout the day.

  • Posts for this session:
  • Another goal in the coming days will be to visit some of the other participants, beginning with the blog hop host and the Thankvember bloggers who have visited/linked to my posts.
  • I still intend to visit other participants, but it may wait until December. I would rather take longer to read and comment well and sincerely than just cross visits off a to-do list. If I finish the reports with time and focus for commenting, I may get there sooner.

My overarching goal for this round remains: To Honor Myself – my rhythms, energy, needs, truth, dreams, desires, and emotions.

For Thanksgiving, we are planning to go out to eat at a buffet style restaurant.  We did this last year, and loved the freedom – especially for our children, who do not care for traditional Thanksgiving foods.  It’s a day off for Jim, and we will enjoy it, our little family of four.

A nicely festive grouping of gourds.

It’s a BLOG HOP!


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