PBS – Thankvember Sixteenth

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PBS – Thankvember Sixteenth


For the first several years we lived in our current house, we only had access to one television station, and it was not PBS. When TV went digital here, we attempted to buy and use the converters intended to allow our secondhand analog sets to receive the signal. For reasons we don’t understand, it didn’t work, and we decided to buy basic cable – which included PBS.


Almost at once, that station alone was worth the minimal monthly payment. Jeremiah and Annalise discovered excellent children’s programming that grows with them, and delighted in explorations of language, science, math, and what school might be like.


Jeremiah is particularly interested in science, and shows like Nova and Nova Science Now thrilled and intrigued him right from the start.


Annalise, who is a born naturalist, loves Nature, Wild Kratts, and especially the Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockiesseries, which she has watched repeatedly.


As a family, we enjoy shows such as Antiques Road Show, This Old House,various Ken Burns specials and musical specials. Jim and I are particularly happy when we find a program featuring Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, both places where we have made our home.


I am often awake and writing through the night, while the rest of my family is asleep. At these times, PBS offers me companionship and inspiration. I particularly enjoy Independent Lens, POV, Frontline, Secrets of the Dead, Downton Abbey, and Inspector Lewis. Just lately, I have also been intrigued by The Mind of a Chef.


These shows bring me to corners of the world, the human psyche, history, and my own experience that I might never have found without them. They make my world wider, deeper, and more wondrous. They show the full scope of human emotion and behavior, from the sinister to the saintly, and all that lies in between. They feed my mind and my spirit.


I sat down to watch The Phantom of the Opera one pleasant Sunday afternoon. I had heard the soundtrack several times, but had never watched the musical. Soon, Annalise came to join me, and stayed for the rest of the show. Because of PBS, she discovered that she has a passion for opera. Since my interest in opera is extremely limited, and neither Jim nor Jeremiah like it at this point in their lives, its likely that she might not have discovered this love for quite some time, without our local public broadcasting station, WMHT.


PBS expands our horizons, deepens our understanding, fires our imaginations, and inspires us to be, know, and do more, with more awareness.

Thank you, PBS!

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