Write A Story With Me – A Collaborative Story Contribution

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But then, Sian had lost the fear of awkwardness within a tenday of her Recall. Within two, she had begun to learn – although she had had to be very careful, in those early days before she’d known enough to move without being seen…

That had taken nearly a full turning of Argot around its sun – a length of time she had once thought almost infinite. Now, though, she had circled so many planets that the only time that mattered anymore was that the Establishment demanded of her, and the flow of her own life. No planet could determine time for her, now.

She slipped through the honeycombed lattices of the Establishment Revisionist Division, within the hollow shell of the Leganthe asteroid, seen but unnoticed. She’d become something like those fairies Yoran claimed to hate so – if someone wasn’t paying close attention, they simply looked past her.

It was the same in the shuttle bays. No one asked for her credential chits; no one stopped her as she leapt nimbly up into the embrace of her cockpit, no one demanded clearance or a flight plan.

She had, despite her rebellion, despite the poor showing in school, always loved learning, so long as she could make what she learned a seamless part of her life.

Now, she would use that learning – to play along with the Establishment. To stop Yoran, and expose Bethany as a Locus, once she had proof and not only rumor. And, if she could, to free Marci from that empty life, and show her all the wonders other worlds offered….


  1. Shannon – I like the way you are bringing Sian back closer to her family, in idea if not reality. The story long quests are the most endearing.

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