Oh, Sandy! – ROW80 Goals Update, Oct. 28,2012

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I had wanted to add a bit more to this post, but, with a hurricane looming and most of a day spent in preparation for what looks to be a pretty major storm, I don’t have what it takes to be pithy, so this will be a basic update….hopefully, by Wednesday, the storm will have passed, and we will be returning to our preciously scheduled lives….. =D




Honoring Myself  (Original goals post)


My goal for this round is to honor myself – my rhythms, energy, needs, truth, dreams, desires, and emotions.


A fundamental part of that is to identify my energy type each day, and summarize what I do. It’s my hope that, throughout the round, patterns will emerge which lead to a more joyful, organic writing flow – one that honors me and allows me to get the most out of my seldom predictable writing time.


Scarecrows….and not.

My energy levels and poems for the last few days..

  • Wednesday: Slack Tide, with shades of High Tide. Mellow hometending. Moved some firewood. Played CakeMania 2 for a bit; watched some TV; played with planning and ideas. ROW80 update and OctPoWriMo completed.
  • Poem: Wheel Spins
  • Thursday: Slack Tide with stronger shades of High Tide. Visit from my dear friend, Eden Mabee, who came to return Jeremiah’s laptop, which needed specialized attention. We talked about stories a little, and she helped me learn more about Scrivener. She left with my defective external hard drive, where photos and writing have been trapped for over a year, now.
  • And, a few hours after she left, she messaged me to say that it was working, and my 2009 NaNo draft (incomplete) was there! I had been preparing to recreate it, and now I am rereading what is really good so far! I completed my story plan, and my poem, and visited my nines and some OctPoWriMo poets. Answered some comments at shanjeniah.
  • Poem:  Yet Another Love Poem
  • Friday: Slack Tide, High Tide approaching. Some hometending, but tired and headachy. Finished reading Blood and Breath, my 2009 NaNo WIP. Input it into Scrivener. I will finish the draft there, likely over the winter. Worked a little on kids’ reporting pages. Played Animal Crossing for a while.
  • Poem: I Ask No Forgiveness
  • Saturday: Slack Tide, High Tide closer. I’ve had that unsettled feeling that comes before a phase of intense creativity. Also, the moon is near full, and there is a major storm headed our way. The children and I went to our village’s Fall Festival for a little while – a pleasant walk on a midfall, pre-storm day. Treats were purchased, Lise bounced in a dragon’s belly, we met some greyhounds, took some pictures, and Miah was grumpy because he was up most of Friday night learning Japanese, and woke earlier than he wanted to in order to come with us. I wrote my poem, did a little hometending, and started to clean up the yard in preparation for the storm. I spent some time exploring Twitter, and actually going though the tutorial. I reviewed suggestions to my logline- in-progress and was active on the NaNoWriMo Fcebook Page.
  • Poem: Beneath Visibility

    The Stillwater Blockhouse (replica).

What’s goin’ on..?


Priority Projects –


I am serving as a sponsor for this round.


The Hudson River, from the corner of the Blockhouse, Stillwater, NY, October 27, 2012.

I am participating in the OctPo WriMo Challenge throughout October.

I will be participating in NaNoWriMo throughout November, writing at least 50,000 words of another novel in my Trueborn Weft series, Sima Garo Provides.

  • Some major breakthroughs this last day or two – big, exciting ones!
  • I have completed my open-ended plan!
  • I’ve set the novel up on Scrivener, and a visit from my dear friend, Eden Mabee, has given me a far better understanding of the program. I am now really looking forward to composing in it.
  • I’ve entered some research, and set up the templates for the character sketches.
  • I now know an important piece of information that will enrich both this story, and a later installment that I have played with intermittently for years.
  • In tangentially related BIG NEWS, my lost NaNo from 2009, Blood and Breath, was released from my broken external hard drive, where I feared it might vanish forever!
  • I reread the draft, and moved it into Scrivener, where I expect to complete it over the winter months.
  • I have created a pretty awesome (to me, anyway!) SpotifyPlaylist just for NaNo, with music that inspires and delights me. I hope to add to it, and listen frequently during the next weeks.


Unsettled skies over the river….

I will be answering a rather embarrassing backlog of blog comments that have, in some cases, waited for months.

  • I will be answering comments atshanjeniah on Mondays and Thursdays, as long as that provides the best balance and timing for answering comments.
  • Answered comments on Thursday.
  • Answer the waiting comments on The Unfettered Life .
  • Nothing for this for this update. NaNo and other things have edged it out. Once I have things settled, though, I plan to return to a more regular pattern, here.

New Fitness Goals – I will focus on eating something each time I am hungry (and getting protein and magnesium into every other time I eat). I will be active enough that I can always feel my body and muscles. I will add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and be more attentive to how much water I am drinking.

  • On the whole, I am eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, magnesium, and drinking more water. I’ve been less attentive this week than last, due to the turning inward of storyweaving, but I seem to be doing reasonably well at natural balance so long as we are home…I want a better approach for when we are out and about, though.
  • I have been moderately active each day, despite too little sleep and a body given over to perimenopause and unpredictability. My activities have included driving the Subaru (standard transmission), hometending yard cleanup, dancing and stretching, moving firewood, and walking.
  • I can feel my body, and it both feels and looks slightly trimmer and better toned, this last week or so.

    I don’t know who carved them but they are festive!

Short Term or Intermittent Projects:


New Projects:

Complete Logline Lesson reading, draft logline, and submit to class.

  • A week ago, I didn’t know what a logline is, and I am excited to learn, create, and then improve upon my creation. This will help me target my revisions for WIPs, and assist in future works Critiquing Robks, as well.
  • I continue to work on my drafts and receive feedback from the instructor.
  • With the latest input from the instructor, I feel I very nearly have a logline! There are a couple of small wording changes I am going to sleep on, and I will likely decide sometime Sunday.
  • The webinar is Monday evening, and I plan to participate – this will be first for me!



Read existing segments, and write my portion of Write A Story With Me!

  • Ironing out the linking for this.


Moving ahead with the Reporting Pages projects for both children..

  • My long-range goal, for the rest of this month, is to have enough material for each topic to construct the main body of the report, so that completing the reports does not conflict with my NaNo participation.
  • I completed Jeremiah’s English Language Usage Page.
  • I completed Annalise’s Arithmetic Page.
  • Jeremiah’s Arithmetic Page is mostly done, and may be y the time this update posts.
  • This project is not going as quickly as I had hoped. It’s much less fun than fiction writing, and it’s not writing I would see value in, if the law didn’t require it. It’s a dessicated retelling of each child’s rich, vibrant, and deeply personal learning life. I find it very easy to push these to the side and do writing I am personally passionate about, instead.
  • I do feel I have things at a point, nearing the quarters’ end, where I can come to it in lulls, add descriptions for a point or two, and then return to the more interesting parts of life…and I feel the blogs will make the whole process smoother…and, eventually, far more lively than it has ever been.

    Checking out the spot where her milk tooth recently and finally fell out, revealing a well-descending permanent tooth behind…love my windblown free spirit!

Revise and submit “Claiming My Passions”- WIP submission to the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette .

  • This is another goal temporarily shelved. I suspect it will be perfect to pull out if and when I feel the Sima Garo Provides well running a little dry. Or if I seem to need to do something else in these last anxious days of wishing it were NaNo already!


What I’ve been reading…and watching!


    • Alberta –

      Part of our roof came up, but Big Hero Jim got up on the roof and nailed and patched enough to get through the winter, and we will be replacing it in the spring. The wind was fierce, but we stayed cozy and safely indoors, and our power never flickered.

      We did have to indefinitely postpone our trip to New Jersey, because our friends there are without power and heat, and do not need three extra people to worry about.

      It’s wonderful and humbling to be getting such a positive response to my poems – I hadn’t written poetry in perhaps a dozen years, before I began ROW80, which has opened my eyes in some truly amazing ways….more on that in December.

      Thanks for stopping by…a special treat, since I know you are hurting and limited right now….

  1. So great that you found the lost 2009 piece. I hope it has some hidden treasures for you. I’ve been following your poems this month and enjoying them very much. Truly.

    I sure hope Sandy/Frankenstorm ends up being overblown, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be. Hope we all stay safe! (I’m in MD)

    • Tia –

      What a lovely hope you offered me. I did indeed find treasure there. The story stops very abruptly, and I have not gone back and added any words, although I may if I get to 50K on the early side and have the homschooling reports submitted, or close to ready…

      This year’s NaNo will be the original story sequel to that book, so, as the beginning of this one begins to flow, there will be clues that help illuminate Blood and Breath, too. I will like keep at least a little list of notes somewhere to add to as good bits surface or deepen.

      It’s a humbling thrill to know that my poems, which seem to be more or less percolating up from inside me, are bringing others enjoyment. It’s also scary. A part of me is very happy to have a novel to throw myself into for the next month – something where I only share choice bits here and there rather than a month of constant emotional nudity…

      Both have their place, it seems, in my life.

      I hope you weathered Sandy peacefully. We were well provisioned and battened down, but nearly lost a good part of our rubberized roofing material and some of the boards. Jim went out and made it do, so we should be fine even if Wednesday brings us more…

      See you at NaNo!!!!

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