I Ask No Forgiveness – OctPo WriMo, Oct. 26

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I Ask No Forgiveness

I ask no forgiveness

For this slapdash poem.

You see, I was lost in another world

And forgot until now

That a poem was waiting within me

For its moment of birth.

And where is this other reality that held me?

This other world I lost myself in?

It is, too, my child, in a sense

Borne of me just as this poem.

It was, until yesterday, a world

I had lost.

And thought gone beyond retrieving

I gave thought to recreating,

And yet knew it could never

be the same as it had been

At conception, or at birth.

From the lost fog of a broken hard drive

Ministered by wise minds and gentle hands

My world has been reborn

Freed from its restricting

Plastic and electronic prison.

It breathes again, and fills my soul

With wild, elemental beauty

I must delve and soar there

I am captured



And cannot return

Until I am released.

And so today I offer

This ragged feral scrap

Perhaps a pretender to poetry

And then I return to my

Prosey -world immersion.

And I ask no forgiveness

At all

For following the scent-trail

Of my own bliss.

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Grat poem. I current have lots of stuff trapped on a hard drive also…though its more photos than words that are trapped I too will be in total immersion mode when they are at last set free.

    • Meg –

      There are picture files too, but I will not get those back until my magical friends bring them to me on DVDs. I’m hoping to have made some significant NaNo progress before then!

      I hope your darlings are released soon!

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