Unfettered Wordplay (Etheree) – OctPoWriMo, Oct. 20, 2012

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Unfettered Wordplay (Etheree)


Just me


Unwatched unbound

My life a secret

I swim within my depths

In limitless skies I soar

Queen of my infinite spaces

I hold universes beyond count

I embrace the firefly spark of dreaming

I give myself to all of who I Am

I contain both sacred and sordid

Blending shading creating me

With each breath and each heartbeat

Memory emotion

My laughter and tears

Smiles and screams

All me


Ombres éthérées
Ombres éthérées (Photo credit: cascayuela)


    • Morgan –

      I am loving this challenge! How wonderful to find that there is still so much poetry left within me! Somehow I had thought it all left with the angst of my teens and twenties….!

      I am also concocting a “what to do with all these poems once they are all written” plan…

      Thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure to invite you in =D

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