Passion – OctPoWriMo, Oct. 12

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I am passionate about

The triangle of freckles under

My son’s left eye.

And the tiny

Off-center birthmark

On my daughter’s nose.


I am passionate about

Learning myself

What lies within,

Without, how

I touch the world

And where I

come from.


I am passionate about

That spark in his eyes

The ticklish caress of his beard

The way his big broken hands

fit mine, and journey so


across my skin.


I am passionate about

The run of words and ideas

The silent speech of bodies

Emotions expressed and sensed

And the all-encompassing


To learn you.


I am passionate about

My wild waves of silvering hair

my tempestuous eyes, my dimples,

My utter lefthandedness, my

Caesarean scars, the little

Laugh lines he thinks

Make me more sexy.


I am passionate about

The warmly rolling hills

The winding half-feral road

The wildfire of autumn

Emblazoning all with the

Proclaiming of the coming

Of winter.


I am passionate about

Giving voice to those who have none

Challenging the assumptions

I so often carry around, burdening

Myself without suspecting, and

Poisoning the potential sweetness

Born only of truth.


I am passionate about

Living, not wasting my moments

On things, or to-do’s, or the slow killing grind

Of have-to and ought and should and cannot

Of looking at others only through my own eyes

I open myself to this breath, this heartbeat,

To myself and to you.

Me and my Mobile Muse, August 2012


    • Thefirstdark –

      Oh! I love your Gravatar image. Such a lovely smile. =D
      Thank you for the reblog. Always a nice surprise, when my words touch someone else.

      I am looking forward to a leisurely stroll through your blog in the near future.

      Again, thanks for sharing!

      • thx for the wonderful compliment! i get that smile from my mother, and am blessed to have given that same smile to my little son! also, thx for sharing such awesome poetry, i love poetry and am appreciative of your endeavor to share yours in the month of october! btw – thx for taking a moment on my blog; i mainly reblog some of the great stuff i see on wordpress, while sharing links to my bi-weekly columns at and i appreciate any feedback you have the time to give! brightest blessings, hon!

        • the first dark –

          May you see that smile often in your son’s face. My son is 11, now – and I cannot believe how fast it’s gone. He talks about road tests and getting his first job….

          I didn’t write poetry for years. It has been a rich experience, allowing whatever surfaces to come out each day…I think I may finally have found the way to process things that I have struggled with my entire life…

          Right now, I am writing – a lot. Eventually, that will give way to reading, and yours is definitely on my list of places to get to.

          May you live sweetly!

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