Activities and Projects 10/7 -9, 2012

Amok Time
Amok Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Activities and Projects 10/7- 9, 2012



Sunday – (Energy Type High Tide) :

  • Lots of hometending – I like a certain amount of baseline order and tidiness before Jim’s weekend; I also like to do a variety of purging, reorganizing, and repurposing during the transitional season, so that we can settle into an embracing home for the winter months, which, here in upstate New York, can be long, cold, and very snowy. So I moved more of the firewood into the garage, cleaned there, in the playroom, our room, and the bathroom, and got some laundry and dishes ready for use.
  • I completed and posted my October 7 OctPoWriMo poem, Here, Today…
  • I wrote myROW80update post,Delving Deep and Breaking Through. It was far too long, though, and so I decided to separate this itemized list from that point forward, and link to it in the body of the update in the same way I do my original goals post.
  • I posted this itemized section as Activities and Projects.
  • I took the time to take some pictures – of flowers, of Annalise and Elijah’s tree, and of the kids together. I plan to use these in my next ROW80 update.
  • I did some research on guest blogging, answered comments, and read and commented on blogs.
  • I watched three classic Star Trek episodes on Netflix: The Naked Time; Operation:Annihilate! and my personal all-time favorite (for reasons some of you will understand better than others), Amok Time. This was both research for the fanfic portions of my unfinished August CampNaNo, To Be or Not To Be?, and my as-yet unborn November NaNo novel, King of Infinite Space.


Monday – (Energy Type Ebb Tide -after the huge amount of writing and hometending done on Sunday- , with elements of Slack Tide):

  • I wrote my OctPoWriMo poem for the day, Husband Humanity.
  • I stacked some firewood in the garage, to restock what I brought into the house on Sunday. Other than that, I took the day off from hometending, and even slept in!
  • I bought myself a pretty new lovely! I am not a huge fan of jewelry, but a pendant watch is something I have always wanted, gears and Roman numerals are always cool, and I love owning items handmade by people who inspire me…
  • I completed my sponsor visits, and am creating my Reading List as I go. This should serve to streamline my update post writing significantly, as I have thus far been saving links to my Writer page, then adding them in the day I post the update, which adds considerable time and effort to the end of the process.
  • I have taken my pending comments at shanjeniah from 21 to a current total of 9. The every-other day approach seems to be helping to whittle down what once seemed like an insurmountable peak, and I may be able to finish the pending comments and move to the approved list in my next session. This will be awesome if it happens, as I have been carrying these unanswered comments like a burden of guilt.


Tuesday – (Energy Type – Slack Tide):

  • I made final revisions, and sent in my ROW80 sponsor post. I’ve never written an “official” inspirational post before, and this feels somewhat momentous! It has been received, approved, and scheduled. Yay, me!!!!
  • I reread my WIP guest post, Namaste. I have not looked at it in a few months, and found that it is far rougher and more raw than I remembered. There is much still to be done, before it is ready to offer up.
  • I have completed a rough edit of Namaste. It still feels a little disjointed and too long, at 1617 words. I will let it rest, then look at it again.
  • I completed the text portion of Annalise’s Reading . Links and images will follow, at some point not too far off.
  • I added the information for the first two points ofJeremiah’s Reading page.
  • I have reread an freewritten essay that has been sitting in my WIP Essays folder for a few months, now. It is extremely rough, but the ideas it contains are things I want to express.
  • I have reviewed the submissions guidelines for thePittsburg Flash Fiction Gazette, for which I plan to develop the piece above, tentatively titled, “Claiming My Passions”.
  • I completed a rough edit of this piece, and will now let it rest for a bit before revisiting.
  • I do have an idea to rewrite this as an interview with myself…I will play with that when I come back.



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