Basic, Busy Row- ROW80 Update 9/17/12

I am exhausted…I’ve moved over a cord of firewood today, and I ache everywhere, in a good way…this will be a basic update…

Color code key:
Current round goals
Current goals that have been modified for this round.

Homeschool Administration Ad Infinitum….:
End of Year Narrative for Lise (due Sept. 1).
I have collected the copy I made at the time the original was signed, and my jpg. File of the signature page.
I will be sending these to the district via email, as the superintendent is claiming that they did not received the hard copy we mailed on August 30.

Standardized Test for Miah (due Sept.1).
I have checked the law regarding the district’s demands to have the complete results of Jeremiah’s PASS test ; it is murky.
I believe I will send the full results, with a disclaimer that I did so because I chose to honor his request, rather than due to any legal obligation to do so.
Since Jeremiah did well on the test, that may resonate as a willingness to get along on my part, which I am hoping I can parlay into a better relatioship with this individual than I have enjoyed in past years.

IHIPs for both children (due four weeks after receipt of packet from school district).
The IHIPs have been revised, and links added.
I will let them rest a bit, and then look each over one more time before submitting them to the district.

Begin setting up portfolios for both children – invite them to be a part of this process! =)
I have gone through a large buildup of paper projects – some as much as six years old! – sorted, and photographed them, recycling most of the originals, but saving out a few special pieces I knew the kids would want back.
I am beginning to get a sense of how I want the portfolios to be – categorized into something roughly chronological, and roughly by “school subject” – but am still a long way from a finalized anything…although there are pictures I can show, if need be.

Relax, enjoy, learn, grow, laugh, and … BREATHE!
Oh, yes…there has been the chaos, conflict and disequilibrium of another round of rapid cognitive and physical growth. I am remaining as calm as I am able,through it, breathing, and giving myself time and permission to disengage for a few minutes (not ignore them, but make physical room for emotional disentanglement with the issue to take hold) when someone is being unkind or unreasonable – and yes, sometimes that someone is me….
We have also had some fine and wonderful moments of connection. Those make the tumultuous moments a lot more bearable, and give us a solid foundation of connection and respect to rely on, when things get emotionally stormy.

Continue reading books as interest and energy levels allow – this works better during periods of gathering input than in periods of intense output or times of processing.
I have continued reading The Dark Mirror. I am on page 93 of 573.

Continue reading and commenting on blogposts and articles, during times of gathering input..
I read several articles and posts this week:
A Poem and Row80 Check-in (commented)
Never Leave a Child Alone During a Meltdown
Write to the Finish Line
Ideal Features in a Fantasy ebook (commented)
Words, Words, Words (commented)

Other Writing:
Write at 750 Words every day, with possible hiatuses for Unschoolers Rock the Campground (July 12-16); Learn Nothing Day (July 24); Northeast Unschooling Conference (August 23-7; and kids’ birthdays (July 8, September 2).On my birthday (July 29), I WRITE!!!
I have written every day since the last update.
I have roughly made up the words for the day I missed last week.

Use 750 Words for whatever – flash pieces, essays, venting, ranting, reports, book reviews, etc.
I am still using this space for playing my way through my Camp NaNo WIP, To Be Or Not To Be.

The Unfettered Life:
Focus on using this blog to keep copies of reports, activities, events, and my ponderings on the unschooling facets of our lives.
I have decided to focus on setting up a Portfolio section – with perhaps the current year’s IHIP by subject, with notes of relevant activities for each, and updated each quarter, or roughly so.
If I develop this as I am imagining, it should make writing the quarterly reports a more streamlined, less intrusive, and far less energy-intensive endeavor – and it will give the added bonus of perhaps many new blogposts and memories preserved.

Begin considering a (slightly) more structured organizational system for this blog.
The system I am considering – well, a netlike structure, really – is partially listed above.
I also have ideas for the sidebar and category tags – once the support structure is in place, all posts will be recategorized to tie into that structure.
I have given some thought to overhauling my blogroll – it’s been a looong time since I really looked at it!

Begin using this blog in a way that really supports documenting, so that it does double duty as a personal tool for me in the way it once did, only better.
My ideas on how to begin moving toward this goal are detailed above.
I have not yet implemented any of these ideas.

Organizing/Tootling my Horn…
Choose a new notebook; input into Penzu.
I am on page 28 of 140 of my October/November 1999 Writing Practice Notebook.
I am not likely to finish this notebook – I am considering adapting this goal to simply include working on a notebook, in each round, rather than attempting to finish one each round. So much depends upon the flow of life…

Continue sorting and filing files on laptop.
Although I set this goal aside, I wanted to mention that I cleaned up my hard drive and defragmented this week. Happily, I still have 72% of my memory clear!

Continue reading marketing and ebook publishing sites and articles.
I read one ebook -related blogpost, listed above.

Draft a loose Mission Statement to guide me through the rest of the ROWnd, and carry me forward into the next.
I reviewed the Mission Statement I wrote on my birthday. I still really like it, and feel that it says just what I feel.
I have posted it on it own page, My Prime Directives.
I will access it often, test my projects, goals, and works against this standard.
I will use it and adapt as I feel a need to adjust.

Set aside time each week to winnow email. Read items being saved for later reading, sort or dispose as indicated.
Again, I have kept the message number to under 75 – still deleting more than I am reading, as I have been busy with other projects.
I will save any major sorting and purging until a more apt time, when I can give my focus to it.

Be bold and daring in commenting, sharing, and submitting. Declare myself, learn, grow, and sometimes do things that make me uncomfortable. Open and blossom!
I have been commenting and sharing – mostly in Facebook groups, but, still, in a daring and opening way.
It has indeed been a bit uncomfortable…but in a good way.

Celebrating Life!
Add some form of specific motion (t’ai chi, swimming, hiking, biking, skating, dancing, etc) to each week. Keep track of what, where, when, for how long, and how I felt during and after.
More hometending. With the transistion to fall and the attendant shift of our life to a more indoor-oriented phase as we move toward winter, I have been spending considerably more time cleaning and organizing.
We have no attic or basement, so pretty much everything we need to get out of the way ends up in the garage or the enclosed front porch…and both were in complete disarray.
I have made a small improvement in each of these areas, with more focus on the garage, so that we could bring in and stack a good deal of the firewood we had waiting outside, so that it will not get soaked in the rain expected to arrive within the next few hours.
I spent nearly two hours moving firewood, in five minute stints, because my tricky back won’t allow more. I am sore in that way of hard, real work. My knee caused no trouble at all!

Fill us all up with joy, and continue cultivating family peace.
Disequilibrium abounds, but we are managing.

Spend time cleaning and beautifying my personal internal and external spaces each week.
See above for external details.
I cleaned and organized some key areas of my bedroom, which has me feeling lighter and freer as Round 4 approaches.
My internal spaces are busy, but moving toward deeper clarity.

Embrace and be present in all my moments.
Doing fairly well at this, and getting better.

Allow my emotions to be as they are. Practice expressing them calmly and reflectively.
Better this time than at the last check-in. The childrens’ rapid growth has offered me ample moments for practice.

Tend kindly and sweetly to myself and others. =)
Well – I am trying. It’s been a bit up and down. I am hormonal, and the kids are a-changin’, and there’s lots to do…..there have been some sweet moments.


    • Morgan –

      I would have liked to have checked in more often…things were incredibly busy this round, and I ended up stretched very thin. This round, I am sticking with one goal that is highly flexible.

      I hope you enjoy your new journeys, and that, if you are so moved, you return to ROW in the future.

      Thanks for the mention! =D

    • Morgan –

      Thanks for linking me, and for the touching acknowledgment.

      It seems a lot of us got a little blown away during Round 3. I visited almost no one. I felt guilty about it, but life was too big, and needed more of me, and I had little left over.

      I understand the need for a breathing space, but hope you might return in future rounds, if it suits you to.

      For myself, I have simplified my goals, and made them very flexible. And here I am, finally getting back to some long-neglected comments, and, because I am sponsoring, I am visiting others again, too!

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