Changing Course:ROW80 Update #8

My updates will likely be brief for a while. I am participating in the August 2012 Camp NaNoWriMo challenge, and my goals will be set aside as I focus on meeting that goal.

For goals that have been numbers-oriented, I will be dropping the numbers for this month.

My focus for August will be my NaNo novel, and the various homeschooling duties I need to finish before September 1.

I will fit other things in as time, focus, energy, and interest allow….

So, for the next few weeks, if I seem very, very quiet – no worries. I’m just off writing!

Goals for ROW80 ROWnd 3, 2012

WIP Novels:

Trueborn Series

  • Trueborn:
  • Reread current rough drafts from 1998-9ish and 2000.
  • I have read through Chapter Four of Twenty-Three (page 55 of 340) in the spiral-bound draft.


  • Blood and Breath:
  • Use yWriter to compile into a pre-rough draft.
  • I have taken a quick peek at the yWriter site, but will likely wait to download it until I have finished, or close to finished, my NaNo novel.


  • Chameleon’s Dish:
  • Finish inputting into Scrivener ( completed during break).
  • With huge thanks to my dear friend, Eden Mabee, I can report that I have back the chapters I though lost. Turns out I was not saving in the most efficient manner, but I think I will be able to, when I am ready.
  • I have reread Chapter One, Scenes #2 and #3, in preparation for revision.


  • Complete basic research based upon library books and websites; looking for information to enhance later digging and prevent hugely obvious gaffes).
  • I am on page 182 of 252 of Shakespeare’s England.


  • Experiment with removing Tisira’s story as a YA novel, with a potential optional add-on of the fanfic elements….not sure how this will work, exactly, but I think it might be the best approach to have something marketable without sacrificing my vision.
  • I will be considering this as I move through the first revision.
  • I think, at this moment, that the simplest solution might be to copy Tisiraa’s chapters into a separate binder, and expand them.
  • Then, I can consider if I want to leave her story in the fanfic version, or expand the other elements to keep Tisira’s plight more of a mystery,,,


Flash Fiction WIPs:

  • Look through all current pieces in my Writing Bullpen files.
  • I have pulled out and reread “The Venom Club”, in preparation for revision – I’m thinking a major revision – for this one.


  • Complete/edit/rewrite where indicated.
  • I have reread “The Venom Club” , and am allowing it time to digest as I ponder a new direction for it.
  • Explore markets.
  • I have submitted “A Splash of Red”, which I revised last week.
  • I adapted “Watersdeep’s Edge”, written several months ago, as the Prologue for my current Camp NaNoWriMo project.


Essay WIPs:

  • Look through all current pieces in my Writing Bullpen file.
  • I have reread “Claiming My Passions” in preparation for revisions.


  • Compile list for possible ebook collection (by theme; just brainstorming at present).
  • I have reviewed my list and am pondering which essays I would like to include in an anthology that may be titled Facets.



Homeschool Administration Ad Infinitum….:

  • Standardized Test for Miah (due Sept.1).
  • Miah continues to work on the test. He is nearly two-thirds of the way through, currently, with over three weeks before the answer sheet must be returned, so we are on target to finish with plenty of time.
  • Relax, enjoy, learn, grow, laugh, and … BREATHE!
  • Yes. It has been a mellow few days, except that the children took a two mile walk, just them. This is a first…they’ve gone for walks, but never nearly as far as that.
  • We discussed taking a water bottle, a cell phone, and giving parents a heads-up that they plan a long walk.



  • Continue reading books – aim for 7 in July, 8 in August, and 9 in September, but these targets will be flexible – summer is prime traveling time for the kids and I and we have things planned and others we’re considering.
  • I completed Container Gardening.
  • Shakespeare’s England– page 182 of 252.
  • I completed 6 of 7 books for July. And that’s just fine with me. =D


Other Writing:


  • Use 750 Words for whatever – flash pieces, essays, venting, ranting, reports, book reviews, etc.
  • I have used 750 Words for storybuilding and writing my August 2012 Camp NaNoWriMo rough draft.


  • Join in the August NaNo Challenge; write 50,000 words of rough draft of To Be or Not To Be(Jeniah’s life, continued after the conclusion of Blood and Breath, perhaps encompassing everything before the events chronicled in my Solemates stories…).
  • I completed my registration on July 30.
  • I wrote the first 4441 words of my rough draft on August 1.
  • This puts me well above the 1600+ word daily target, thus far.
  • This is good, as experience has shown that there are likely to be busy or lag days, somewhere around mid-draft.



  • The Unfettered Life:
  •  Post updates, perhaps roughly categorized to make creating reports easier.
  • I have ideas, but have not yet posted. With Miah’s test in progress, and Camp Nano also underway, it may be a bit…


  • Begin using this blog in a way that really supports documenting, so that it does double duty as a personal tool for me in the way it once did.
  • The ideas I have will support this goal…


  •  shanjeniah:
  • Aim to post, as opportunities arise, non-ROW80 update material. This may take the form of adding to my pages; creating new ones; other challenges, blog hops, etc; writing samples of various types; musings on writing and life; guest posts; photo essays; or whatever else seems relevant at the time.
  • Again, I have ideas that have yet to be set to words and published. Again, it may be a bit, as I have other focuses, just now…


  • Consider and perhaps experiment with creating a blog for the Trueborn series.
  • I have posted to the To Be or Not to Be page with Camp NaNo info and links to my ongoing stats and the Rough Draft Prologue, which I have posted to my NaNo page as an excerpt.
  • I have a few more ideas for future posts, when my focus shifts back to blogging.


  • Organizing/Tootling my Horn…


  • Choose a new notebook; input into Penzu.
  • I am on page 13 of 140 for the October/November notebook.


  • Draft a loose Mission Statement to guide me through the rest of the ROWnd, and carry me forward into the next.
  • I have reread the first draft, and am allowing it to simmer for a bit before returning to it.


  • Set aside time each week to winnow email. Read items being saved for later reading, sort or dispose as indicated.
  • I have kept my Inbox at well under 50 messages.
  • I have not read much, as I have been completing research and writing much more.


  • Be bold and daring in commenting, sharing, and submitting. Declare myself, learn, grow, and sometimes do things that make me uncomfortable. Open and blossom!
  • Still not finding lots of time for commenting,
  • I have been quite active on 750Words and CampNaNo facebook pages.
  • I do have a few ideas brewing….. =D


  • Celebrating Life!
  • Add some form of specific motion (t’ai chi, swimming, hiking, biking, skating, dancing, etc) to each week. Keep track of what, where, when, for how long, and how I felt during and after.
  • Tired days for me, but I did some walking, weeding, stretching, kneed bends, and dancing. My knee was a bit iffy, and I’ve been headachy and crampy, but otherwise, my body feels a little leaner and more alive, and that’s to the good!


  • Fill us all up with joy, and continue cultivating family peace.
  • I’ve attempted to foster calm.
  • Jeremiah is awaiting his new laptop – an early birthday gift.
  • Jim brought home a new flatscreen TV on Monday – our first. The kids have both been getting lots of joy from that.
  • I’ve been available to help negotiate calm when needed.
  • Lots of snuggling, talking, watching TV, and some reading together.


  • Spend time cleaning and beautifying my personal internal and external spaces each week.
  • Yes – I’ve cleaned in my room, and a bit in my office.
  • I met my friend Eden Mabee for coffee and conversation.
  • She helped me clean up a few computer issues.
  • She also gave me some lovely new rocks, which I arranged in my nature bowl for loveliness and inspiration.


  • Embrace and be present in all my moments.
  • I’m getting better at this one. =D That’s making me calmer.
  • Allow my emotions to be as they are. Practice expressing them calmly and reflectively.
  • Still working on this one….I’ve moved from anger to irritation…but now, I want to focus on getting rid of the snappishness and annoyance I can too easily unleash….


  • Tend kindly and sweetly to myself and others. =)
  • Learning.
  • Contemplating compassion.


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