ROWin’ Through Emotion – ROW80 Update #4

Another brief and bare-bones update. I am writing words, but not words to put here….

A thought….I am considering joining the August NaNoWriMo. I have two novels I am wanting to get going, and doing one in August and the other in November would give me drafts of both to work on.

I’m not sure I will, yet, nor how doing so will affect the goals listed here.

I’ll weigh the factors, and decide before the end of the month…

ROW80 ROWnd 3, 2012


Trueborn Series:

  • Trueborn:

  • Reread current rough draft from 1998-9ish and 2000.

  • I have read and jotted notes through Chapter Thirty–One (page 133 of 240) in the ’90’s draft.

  • I am now more than halfway done with this read-through, and many ideas have occurred, waiting to be expanded upon.

  • Blood and Breath:

  • Complete story arc.

  • I have added Chapters Twenty-Four through Thirty- Five, and the Epilogue.

  • I had thought the arc would comprise 25 chapters, with a prologue and epilogue. It is ten chapters longer, at this point, and I am happy with the development of those chapters.

  • The entire story arc is 18 pages long.

  • I have accomplished this goal!

  • Chameleon’s Dish:

  • Complete basic research based upon library books and websites; looking for information to enhance later digging and prevent hugely obvious gaffes).

  • Hamlet – page 303 of 342.

  • The Colonial Cookbook – page 97 of 128. I made two shoo-fly pies from this book for our potluck dinner during Unschoolers Rock the Campground.

  • Shakespeare’s Englandpage 41 of 252.

Homeschool Administration Ad Infinitum….

  • Standardized Test for Miah (due Sept.1).

  • Jeremiah and I have agreed that we will get his pencils and sharpener early next week, and then I will order the test.

  • IHIPs for both children (due four weeks after receipt of packet from school district).

  • I have adapted both children’s Writing/Spelling sections.

  • I have adapted both children’s English Language Usage sections.

  • I have reviewed their ELA Resources.

  • I have adapted both children’s Arithmetic sections.

  • I have reviewed both children’s Arithmetic Resources.

  • I have adapted both children’s Sciences sections.

  • I have reviewed Annalise’s Sciences Resources.

  • Relax, enjoy, learn, grow, laugh, and … BREATHE!

  • Done and done – a relaxing, happy time for us all, although we are all tired.

  • Annalise, in particular, is exploring – modifying a broken television, creating watercolor art, copying Japanese and English titles, reading, playing Zoo Tycoon, creating computer animations with Scratch, and stop-action movies with her 3DS, and doing pages in a Mountain Wildlife activity book.


  • Continue reading books for Bookmark Break Challenge – aim for 7 in July, 8 in August, and 9 in September, but these targets will be flexible – summer is prime traveling time for the kids and I and we have things planned and others we’re considering.

  • Hamlet – page 303 of 342.

  • Guerrilla Learning – page 131 of 206.

  • Container Gardening – page 88 of 256.

  • Shakespeare’s England – page 41 of 252.

Other Writing:

  • Write 1 book review each week.

  • I have begun the rough draft of my review of To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • Write at 750 Words every day, with possible hiatuses for Unschoolers Rock the Campground (July 12-16); Learn Nothing Day (July 24); Northeast Unschooling Conference (August 23-?); and kids’ birthdays (July 8, September 2).On my birthday (July 29), I WRITE!!!

  • I have completed my 750 words for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  • Use 750 Words for whatever – flash pieces, essays, venting, ranting, reports, book reviews, etc.

  • I am currently playing with a fanfic prologue scene for Chameleon’s Dish.

  • I have begun a book review.

Organizing/Tootling my Horn….

  • Continue inputting June 2000 Writing Practice Notebook, if not completed before ROWnd begins.

  • I am on page 94 of 120 –only 26 pages to go!

  • Set aside time each week to winnow email. Read items being saved for later reading, sort or dispose as indicated.

  • Inbox is now empty.

  • I have started to roughly sort messages into myfiles for later reading.

  • I have deleted more sites and a few businesses from my list, and will do weekly rounds of maintenance, to catch offending sites in the bud.

  • It feels good to know that, this time, my Inbox is likely to stay under my control, and I will be able to see and attend to the messages I really want to see – which now, too often, tend to get lost in the flood….

  • I have begun reading and processing the messages in my Leisure Time Reading file (the largest of the folders by a fair margin) – currently at 104 messages.

Celebrating Life!

  • Add some form of specific motion (t’ai chi, swimming, hiking, biking, skating, dancing, etc) to each week. Keep track of what, where, when, for how long, and how I felt during and after.

  • A mellow few days, post-camping. It has been very hot and humid until tonight, when the weather broke.

  • I have done some minor hometending, and, so long as I take it easy, it seems to be energizing.

  • Fill us all up with joy, and continue cultivating family peace.

  • Yup, in a subdued and pondering  manner.

  • Spend time cleaning and beautifying my personal internal and external spaces each week.

  • I did a tiny bit of tidying in my room, and some pondering.

  • Embrace and be present in all my moments.

  • I’ve done well on this one. I’ve been very present.

  • Allow my emotions to be as they are. Practice expressing them calmly and reflectively.

  • I’ve done this well, too – it helps that life has been pretty calm since our return home.

Elijah James Burton, July 13-25, 2003

We are still recuperating from our camping trip, and we’re in the midst of Elijah’s Days. Maybe that’s why I have less to say than normal, and why I seem to be waiting in a space of calm and quiet expectancy…

At any rate, I am reading, and writing, and being present, and connecting with my family, and pondering, and being with myself – and, for now, that’s emough.

I’m sure I’ll find my words again, and my desire for wider connections, but, for now, just know that I am well, and settled, and as at peace as this time will allow.

And I am remembering and honoring a sweet baby boy who came and left again swiftly, and who will forever be a part of all that I am….


  1. With a to-do list that big, you are doing so well! Good luck with your deliberations on whether to join NaNoWriMo and congrats on getting the story arc work done. It feels great to tick things off the list. 🙂

    Cheers, Cate (ROW80)

    • Cate-

      That list turned out to be too big. I did the best I could, but the overwhelm was near total, by the end.

      So sorry that your lovely comment got lost in the shuffle. =D

      As it turned out, I did do NaNo, and enjoyed it.

      My list is a LOT less complicated, this round, and I am loving making progress while having freedom, and time and energy enough to visit others, and answer the comments people leave for me, too!

      Something I really love about ROW80 is how much I learn – about writing and myself – every round.

    • Elijah is my eternal paradox, my lesson, the piece of my soul that went ahead to Whatever’s Next…..he’s in every moment I live, and I share each laugh and teardrop and thing of beauty with him.

      Thank you. Please make some of those tears joyous ones. =)

    • Mike – I set up a spiffy new blog for my Trueborn series (it’s largely empty still; it’ll grow organically as time goes by…).

      In the process, I realized there are two novels waiting to be written, at least.

      Two that I have sketchy idea on how to begin and what shape they might take, anyway…

      And that’s how I like to begin, without much planning at all for rough drafts. Lots of dreaming, hot showers (hot water on my head seems to loosen the creative flow…

      And lots of spontaneous writing…

      I figure I can easily do 50,000 words in a month. I’ve done it thrice before.

      I have a feeling you will have a good idea, come November. =)

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Karen – Turns out it was too much of a list. Daaaaang is right!

      I learned a lot from that list. Like that I wanted a far simpler one this time.

      And that I never want so much on my plate that I can’t answer comments like this one within a few days!

      Thank you, belatedly, for the visit. =D

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