ROWin’ in New Jersey…Update 318

Round 2 Goals:


  • Read at least as many books as the number of the month (4 in April ; 5 in May; 6 in June) from my bedroom To Be Read piles.

  • Another visit to my friend Sylvia Woodman’s home; another stack of books to delve into. She has an amazing library, and I am filled with glee to have six new treasures to indulge myself with.

  • I’m beginning the month with The Teenage Liberation Handbook, by Grace Llewellyn. I’ve wanted to read this for as long as I’ve known of its existence.

  • I have decided to put my dull reading attention on this one book; it would have changed my life as a teenager, and with my own children getting so close to developmental adolescence, I think it will help me to be an even better parent to them, as they make that huge shift from child to adult.

  • I am currently on page 86 of 435.


  • Read at least 3 articles a week from my To Be Read files on computer, and categorize those I choose to keep or share.

  • I didn’t bread any articles from here this week. I was busy with other things.=)

  • I will therefore add 3 articles to my weekly goal for this week (Bound to be a tired, more at home than away week, after last weekend’s lovely busyness, so there will be lulls fro catching up in a leisurely fashion).

  • This week’s goal will therefore be to read 6 articles from the To Be Read files.


  • Read at least 5 blogposts a week (not including my own), and like, comment, and/or share as I am moved to.

  • I read the evocative and wonderful For the Record. Although the circumstances of our life are different, a parent’s pride for and respect and acceptance of his child’s innate nature is always beautiful to me.

  • I readBecause I’m so…um… Forgetful? Lost? Talented ? and commented.

  • I read The Sunshine Award and commented.

  • I finished the week two posts short of my goal. I will add these to this week’s goal, for a total of 7 posts this week.




  • Take clips from first Penzu notebook.

  • I have taken five clips from this notebook. I continue to find ample raw material, rampant silliness, and a reflection of a self I haven’t been in over a decade…valuable, on many levels.

  • I have 3 posts left to clip before completing this goal.


  • Input Chameleon’s Dish to Scrivener.

  • I have re-entered the final scene from Chapter 3, which was somehow deleted the last time I worked on this project.

  • I input Original Chapter 11, which has become Chapter 4, input into the Scrivener program.

  • Original Chapter 12 (which will be Chapter 5), is queued up and ready for copying/ reformatting/ inputting.


  • Create story arc for Blood and Breath.

  • I have added Chapters 10 and 11 to the story arc, and I am beginning to really like the new and deeper direction the story is headed…more depth and meaning than in the previous version.


  • Clean up computer downloads, documents, photos, and other clutter – move it or lose it!

  • I cleared the wandering Blood and Breath files that somehow found their way into my Chameleon’s Dish WIP.



  • Add JOY to every day!

  • Thursday: Packing and preparing. Time with Jim.

  • Friday: Trip to New Jersey…

  • Saturday: Every moment!

  • Sunday: Lovely fun with dear friends; long rambling conversation; happy homecoming.


  • Add movement to every day, too!

  • Thursday: Packing and hometending. A bit of Random Dancing.

  • Friday: Driving, stairs, unpacking. Walking.

  • Saturday: Walking. Stairs. Hometending.

  • Sunday:Packing. Stairs. Driving.


  • Add self-decorating to every week!

  • I wore my pasta bead necklace and bought myself two new shirts from the

  • Add more of my passions to each day, in as many ways as I can manage.


  • Add all these for my beloved others, too!

  • Weekend away with the children; lots of time with Jim on Monday.


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