An Ebb ROW – ROW Update #14

This will be an abbreviated post. The kids and I spent a camping weekend attending the Always Learning Live Unschooling Symposiumin Massachusetts. We got home at 8:30 om Sunday, and we are still tired. Also, my computer cord is damaged, and I am awaiting the rest of the family to return home. With luck, they found a replacement at Radio Shack.

For me, the weekend was about deepening and broadening my perceptions, and learning from some very wise unschoolers. For Miah and Lise, it was learning to play Gaga Ball, exploring ropes courses, and the freedoms of nature.

For all of us, it was connecting with old friends and making new ones, and being amongst other people who share a common belief that children learn best what they learn naturally, for reasons of their own, and that, in order to create a world where mutual respect abounds, children must know how it feels to be respected, so that they can offer that to others.

It was not a weekend where I got much writing done, or a weekend I would have chosen to spend any other way.

It was a weekend of honoring other passions, and of expanding, and of rampant input, and I know that the processing and deepening that follow will lead to far richer writing, and a happier, more peaceful, learning-filled life.

So, I could call it an intermission, a pause, a readying….


  • Read at least as many books as the number of the month (4 in April ; 5 in May; 6 in June) from my bedroom To Be Read piles.
  • The Shelters of Stone – Completed.
  • I have attained this goal for May.
  • Read at least 3 articles a week from my To Be Read files on computer, and categorize those I choose to keep or share.
  • I read only two articles last week.
  • I plan to read 4 this week, to balance things out.


  • Create a “flow chart” for posting to shanjeniah and The Unfettered Life.  Use these, and adapt as necessary, throughout the round (with allowances made in April for the challenge).
  • I have decided to use the flow charts more to guide me when I want to post but am a little fuzzled on subject matter, at least for mow. Perhaps they will become more a part of my blogging, or perhaps not….time will tell…
  • I’ve fallen a story or two behind on my Story A Day May challenge – the weekend used all my mental focus, and I didn’t have access to the Internet,
  • Again, I plan to catch up this week, and have decided that, as long as I have 31 new stories by month’s end, I will count it as a goal achieved. There’s no point in punishing myself for placing family and peace at the forefront of my life!
  • Add pages/ edit sidebar layout on shanjeniah.
  • I added several new header images I am rather happy with…the top of my pages felt a little stagnant and outdated; now they’re freshened up. =)
  • I deleted all my challenge icon widgets – there were a LOT of images in my sidebar, and I felt it was really cluttered.
  • At a later date, I plan to make a slideshow of the images, and use that as a single widget.
  • I am hoping to do the same for blog hops, fests, and carnivals; my blogging awards; and where I have been published online.
  • The first step, as with the challenges, will be to create a contact page for each category, with more info, and the icons and links back to the sites.
  • It’s my hope that the end result will be visually appealing in a clean, uncluttered way.


  • Add JOY to every day!
  • Thursday:Releasing my angst about getting ready; having most of the car loaded before I slept. Mowing and hanging with my family.
  • Friday: Allowing the day to unfold as it would; frozen caramel frappe. Being amongst unschoolers, and in nature.
  • Saturday: Flowing with the mood; helping Miah make deviled eggs; time with kids; being inspired, challenged,broadened, and deepened throughout the day: watching kids play Gaga ball; Banangrams and Artist trading card making; an earlier sleep when I needed it.
  • Sunday: Photographing ropes course, lady slippers, and people I treasure;speaking from my soul; releasing the desire to control the pace of our departure; chatting with people I may not see again for some time; embracing it all.
  • Add movement to every day, too!
  • Thursday: Mowing, hometending, packing.
  • Friday: Packing, setting up camp; walking.
  • Saturday: Lots of walking (with a very sore knee. Tending camp and puttery hometending at the lodge (the adults worked communally to keep things reasonably orderly.)
  • Sunday: More serious hometending (making coffee, washing dishes; cleanup of outdoor eating area and lodge common areas. Packing; breaking camp; loading car. Lots of walking.
  • Add self-decorating to every week!
  • I decorated my outer self with sunshine and tumbled and tousled curls courtesy of my anti-frizz cream.
  • I spent far more time decorating my inner self with: new ideas and perspectives; deepening and broadening horizons and understandings; the delights of a communal weekend; questioning my assumptions; and laughter.
  • Add more of my passions to each day, in as many ways as I can manage.
  • Thursday: Writerly stuff; preparing for weekend. Time with Jim.
  • Friday: Driving, camping, friendship and kinship.
  • Saturday: Personal and parental growth; time to be with the kids; kinship; nature. Creating and games playing. Deepening my ability to accommodate.
  • Sunday: More growth; watching the kids challenge themselves. Photographing people and nature. Driving; music; NPR. More accomodation.
  • Add all these for my beloved others, too!
  • Jeremiah:Saying yes to the McDonald’s Playplace, barbecue chips, and pocket money; helping him buy the ingredients for his planned cooking projects; accepting his offered help; playing games and watching him play when requested; helping him with his cooking project; inventing division questions when requested; snuggles and cuddles and conversation.
  • Annalise: Saying yes to Mcdonald’s, a stuffed friend, and gummy worms; freedom to explore; helping her exchange phone numbers with a cherished new friend; finding lost shoes and a diamond-shaped rock; exploring lady slippers and playing Poohsticks: being nearby when she used unfamiliar bathrooms and the ropes course; creating an artist trading card for just for her; snuggles and back scratching; food and conversation; appreciating her chalk art and meeting Sugar Cube the spring pony.
  • Jim:Was a bit left out, since we were only together for small parts of Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I gave him couples tine; was careful with how I used money on this trip; and making sure the car had gas enough to drive it today. Coffee, affection, and conversation.

That’s all I have to report, this time. I’ll have more to say, next time…..


    • Shah –

      I don’t know – just in the last few days, when I look at Jeremiah, I can see that his face is leaning out and getting more masculine around the cheekbones and jawline.

      He’s not quite 11, and, even though I am looking every day and paying attention, it still seems to be happening in the blink of an eye….

      I’m just glad I am here with him, and he still likes me and enjoys time with me. =)

      And, no, I make wrong calls regularly – I just choose to see them as chances to learn…. =)

      Writing will never trump parenthood. If I live long enough, the words and ideas will be there when the children are long grown….

      More and more, though, as they grow older and more capable, I don’t have to make a choice. There’s time enough for family, writing, and other things too….

      Thank you for your kindness and support – weeks like this,where there’s not so much to report and things seem to just be inching along, it really helps!

    • Kim –

      Indeed it was. We’re still aglow – even though the kids got colds right after, and Lise had two ticks on her head…we’re snufflingly happy. =)

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