K is for Knowledge

500 Words On….Knowledge.

“Is it not the point to gain knowledge, Huntleader?”

“It is one point, child -”

She knew he was still speaking, and that a sound cuff could easily be her reward for impatience, but the words pushed up through her throat and out before she could pounce upon them. “Then why must we so often stop, and wait, and why is there so little talk or doing, and so very much stillness and silence, between us?”

She was Kaitiiraan’s daughter, and the Heiress-Princess, and she would not cower or brace for a deserved admonishment. But he didn’t touch her, only smiled, his yellow eyes dancing with pleasure despite the severity in his face, which never touched his scent.

He waited, only watching her silently, and not moving beyond breath.

When Jeniah thought she could bear it no more, when the silvered arytana petals were ticking her nostrils and her fancies, when the way the moons danced upon them, and the ground below their perch, and she was certain that she MUST change and go leaping from branch to branch, and then down to the clearing above the Pridekeep, where she knew the other kittens would be playing tag in the moonlight and shadows and vines, and then would tumble together in clumsy imitation of Matehunt, which always ended in gigglings and ticklings, else snarls and scuffles.

Tacivaar said, softly, “Stay.”

Huntlust was surging up, spiced by arytana, sweetened by the moonlight, beckoning her…….

And, somehow, she let it flow through her, but remained afloat in it….

“You have a sister among the Untribed who studies sensates, do you not, child?”

His questions about that part of her life were always tinted with scorn – a new and jarring aroma in the scent palate, and it soured her stomach a little. “Yes, Huntleader.”

“And how does she make her study?”

“She plants or forages for samples. She feeds and observes. She writes things down a lot – I have not been with her much while she does these things. She wishes to be alone, she says – and I have other things that interest me more.”

“Is her study hurried, child?”

Jeniah caught a sense that she was being led, and wondered why the Huntleader didn’t trust her to find her own knowing. “No. Mostly, she says, she waits and watches.”

“That bloom by your nose, child. Change, and attack it.”

She knew not to argue. The Huntleader did not ask for obedience. One simply obeyed. Even one who was Trueborn.

She released her Huntress energy and leapt, twisting for the sheer joy of finally moving, the flower in her jaws, it’s nectar in her teeth…..oh, yes, soon she would be at play in the clearing, for no words of his could touch her long, now.

Caught by impulse, she shook her head and tore the blossom apart, then rolled in it, careful not to lose her balance on the wide branch, her short sturdy tail a rudder.

When she finally stopped to regard the Huntleader, upside down, he wore the scent of resigned amusement. “Have you not begun your own study, child? As you go off to your play and your dreamings, ponder this: both ways have knowledge to give – but your sister will not know the force and frenzy you will have from arytana tonight, and you will not know the peace and stillness of truly seeing the blossom as it is, and not as it is through you.

“Wisdom, child, is in learning which way is best suited to each soul, and every purpose.”


    • Sharlene –

      Oh, I’m glad I carried you along. Jeniah and Tacivaar have been with me through most of my life; they’re really enjoying having flash fiction adventures, and I am learning a lot about them that I really didn’t know….

      Everybody wins! =)

      I really enjoyed peeking at both of your blogs, and will be sharing the solar cooking one with my 10 year-old son, who loves technology, conservation, and cooking. =)

      Happy you stopped by!

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