Kreativity, Rewarded!

Kreatively Lovely!

I received this award from the delightful and inspiring Shah Wharton several weeks ago, as  Jim’s recovery from his motorcycle accident  had moved home from the hospital, and while I was also in the final stages of achieving my ROW80 goals.
I wanted to acknowledge Shah, and to say a big  THANKS! for the award, and pass it along, and did not find the time, energy, and focus  all together to do so before now.

Now, Jim is more and more able to do things he could before his accident – driving, working out, some mellow work on his truck and around the house and yard, getiing up and down without a great deal of pain, and generally having the endurance to get through a fairly normal day.

The first round of ROW80 is over, and my goals are complete.  I’ve drafted my goals for the next round, and am now tending to things laid aside during that more intense time.

Including accepting this award.

Here are the rules that go with it, and notations on how I dealt with each….

1.) Link back to the person who gave it to you! (See Above)

2.) Share 10 random facts about yourself!
  • I once crossed North America by train, nearly coast to coast, with $50 to my name, to take a job in a state where I knew no one.
  • Once, while canoeing through mangrove swamp in the Everglades, Jim and I hit an alligator, thinking it was a submerged log, until I saw its eye.
  • Frightened and angry alligators who think you are too big too dine on have a fearsome hissing roar……
  • On a similar topic, I can tell you from experience that fighting with your spouse in a canoe is neither fun nor productive.
Hello, Everglades gator!
  • I have had a great horned owl swoop only feet above my head, on the way home from waiting tables at the Old Faithful Inn.  Her wings sounded like whispered drumbeats.
  • I have seen a bald eagle rise up from the Firehole River with a fish arched in its talons, the water pouring off in sparkling rainbows.  It met my eyes, piercingly and without fear, and I was foever changed.
  • I have pulled mussels live off a jetty on the Oregon coast, and eaten them.
  • I once stabbed myself under the kneecap with the spine of an agave (century plant), while on a Grand Canyon hike.  It bled fiercely, and soon soaked my sock, and it hurt intensely.
Nature's bounty.
  • On the same hike, Jim and I had a fight and got separated (fighting on a hike is maybe worse than in a canoe; you can walk away from each other in fury).
  • It took so long to find each other again and reunite, that we ran out of water.  A thunderstorm came, and we drank and licked water off rocks.
Agave, or century plant. Gnarly thorns, great beauty.
3.) Pass on the award onto 7 other people!
4.) Follow the person that gave you this award-CHECK!

I followed her quite a while ago, because she is inspiring, fun, and very, very creative!
Nature's Power and Loveliness

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