Blogging From A to Z April Challenge Topics…..

Bully for New Challenges!

A few weeks ago, as part of my “growing into” my writing dreams, I committed to do the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge.

The objective of the challenge is to write a post for each day of the alphabet – one per day in the month of April. Excepting April 1, Sundays are off days.

With a ROW80 update on Sundays, I will be blogging each day of the month.

This fact will give me a chance to explore WordPress‘s post scheduling feature, and perhaps get to know it very well!

For me, the first step in this process will be to choose my 26 topics.

Blogging from A to Z April-2012-Calendar

Topics and Dates for My Challenge!


~ April 2012 ~










A is for



B is for



C is for

Chosen Family


D is for

Da Wonderhub


E is for



F is for



G is for



No A to Z

ROW80 Update


H is for



I is for



J is for



K is for



L is for



M is for



No A to Z

ROW80 Update


N is for



O is for



P is for



Q is for



S is for



T is for

Toxic People


No A to Z

ROW80 Update


U is for



V is for



W is for



X is for

X’s and O’s


Y is for



Z is for



No A to Z

ROW80 Update


A to Z


Each post will be approximately 5OO words and may include images, sound files, videos, or other added sensory appeal.

Please join me for all or part of this adventure! =)



So, there you have it.  I think I have spent maybe an hour, thus far, in setting up this not-so-little challenge…..

Why am I doing this?

Well, as is said of the mountain, partly because it is there.

Or, it could be this….

Which is maybe more fun…and an apt metaphor, with many possible variations:

  • Writing
  • Unschooling
  • Passion
  • Life
  • Striving
  • And many more!

Another reason I do these types of challenges is to shake myself up.  I like to keep my life fresh and not stagnant.

I fully intend to be living –  richly and fully and passionately –  until the day I die.  I fully intend to be an eccentric old lady that everyone looks at askance, who still isn’t what you would expect.

I intend to be vivid and maybe even memorable.

I intend to spread joy, and love, and laughter….

I intend to heal myself…

I intend to go deeper, see further….

I intend to think, and think some more…

But most of all to feel.  The good, and the not so great.  The exhilarating and the  terrifying and infuriating and  the soul-rendingly sorrowful

I intend to live!


  1. Oh I love your organization here!! Good luck with the challenge, I am looking forward to your posts.

    • Doreen –

      Thank you!

      My other blog, The Unfettered Life (, is far more chaotic. It was my first blog, I’ve had it for many years, and Ilearned a lot from it….

      This blog really benefited from coming later. Also, since it’s my writing space of record, I am regularly upgrading the organization.

      It’s good to know it’s easy for others to read, too. =)

  2. Oh I am excited to read all of this! I am most looking forward to April 3rd’s Chosen Family post…. ❤

    • Sylvia – It was a joy to write, that one.

      To anyone who notices the missing R on the calendar – drat. I fixed it once, but it seems to have vanished again…..It’s too late for me to fuss with it now; I hope to look into it tomorrow. I know it’s wrong, though, so it shouldn’t boggle me much, till then. =)

  3. A philosophical Trekkie, interesting. poor William, just sitting there talking to the mountain, gotta get to it dude. 🙂
    My scheduled posts are up to Q at the moment, having a bit of a struggle with R for reptiles, not quite sure why.
    See you later in April.
    Blessings from the philosophical African, Geoff.

    • Geoffrey –

      When I was nine, my mother referred to me often as “my closet philosopher”. Interesting, that she would claim ownership of me; interesting that that part of my nature would eventually lead to a rift between us that I believe is permanent.

      Back then, I didn’t know Star Trek (as we weren’t generally allowed to watch shows our parents didn’t like, and science fiction always seemed to fill my mother with scorn and a need to ridicule).

      But I would run from anywhere in the house the instant I heard Leonard Nimoy narrating “In Search Of….” He wasn’t Spock to me, yet, and i had no idea that that rich, calm voice would so often lead me to wisdom and peace.

      As for reptiles – I’ll bet my daughter, age 7.75, would have some good ideas for you- she loves reptiles, especially venomous ones.

      Glad you stopped by! =D

  4. hi, Shan!

    i’m dani {not a boy} from my heart’s love songs and i want to thank you for the link-back to my blog {wordpress shows the blog name as haiku love songs, but that’s just the url.}

    the William Shatner video is a delight! i love what you’re doing for the A to Z Challenge! my blog is mainly poetry so i am doing a series featuring other poets since April is National Poetry Month. i am hoping to also have time to do some actual creative writing, but the featured poet series may take up all my time.

    just wanted to mention to you on your calendar ~ it is accurate through April 19th “Q”…. unfortunately, “R” is skipped so the rest of the calendar is a day off ~ it will be “R” on April 20th ending with “Z” on April 30th. {you can edit this part out of my comment if you like.}

    i look forward to reading your posts!
    dani ♥

    • Dani –

      I followed your blog, and will be checking back to see the poetry throughout the month.

      For my posts, I picked lots of topics I feel I can say 500 words or so about (haven’t actually written any of them, yet, but ideas are there, waiting to be explored.

      I also like the William Shatner video. It’s funny and philosophical, all at once.

      Thank you for pointing out the glitch in my calendar. Someone else did, too,and I was able to repair it with a minimum of fuss….

      I really am looking forward to this challenge. =)

  5. So looking forward to reading your A to Z entries, and pretty darned impressed by your organization. I wrote four posts for it today and scheduled them since I will be travelling for Spring Break next week. Should be fun!

    • We went to New Jersey this weekend, and I found myself the only one awake with limited Internet access.

      As always, I had a trusty spiral-bound one-subject notebook (with a sleeping kitten on the cover), and Bic Cristal pen…

      I plotted out some things I’ve been meaning to get to: flow charts for both blogs, book reviews, A to Z topics, my round 2 goals, 500 word posts, book reviews, stuff like that.

      I hope to get to the first day or three at least, before the weekend comes. If I can keep them scheduled at least a day or two ahead, that will be cool.

      If I can get further along than that, I will, so long as I can do the other things that are important to me.

      Enjoy your trip, and congratulations on those four posts! =)

      • You said something that really struck me, something I need to refocus on: “so long as I can do the other things that are important to me.” I become a dog with a bone when I see a task, and I need to embrace life and enjoying it, especially with Spring Break coming. Thanks for the reminder!

        • Tia –
          I need to remind myself often too. It helps that the children are pretty much here whenever I am – they keep me in touch with everything else in my life.

          I am learning to shift my balance with the circumstances. Usually, though, it means short bursts in the early afternoon to late evening, interspersed with family time and hometending and whatever else I have going on…

          Then, after things settle down (it’s nearly 2am, and the children are still awake and alert), I get a longer stretch several nights a week. That’s a time for deeper focus.

          It’s flexible enough for our spontaneous life, and regular enough to satisfy my moderate need for routine.

          I do have a rule: I never write if I don’t WANT to be writing. I try to do only those things I enjoy. That makes the balancing easier. =)

          May your spring break prove endlessly delightful! =)

  6. Hello and thank you for the link to my blog! I’m impressed that you already have your letters mapped to words — probably because I’m a “P” type and will likely not have any given day’s topic selected until the night before.

    I hope you’ll forgive me for mentioning that it appears you are missing the letter ‘R’ from your calendar. I point it out because ‘R’ is one of my favorite letters and it’s so Rich in possibility. 🙂

    • Random –

      I enjoyed your post, too….

      The reason I mapped them out is that I have two children at home, and life can often be unpredictable.

      I tend to write whatever I can manage in the overnight hours, and the calendar was something I could do.

      I haven’t written any of my posts yet, but having the topics set allows my subconscious to be thinking about them….

      Which may make them better, when I get to them.

      I am so glad you saw the lack of an R! Oddly, the topic I had chosen for that letter was resistance……!

      All fixed now, and I thank you!

  7. So now I have to finish my own planning to get my calendar up…. And I love the pictures, Shan. Where’d you get them from? (wil have to write and process some more later. Off to pick up the Boodle.

    • Sys-

      The pictures came from a Google images search “Public domain inspirational pictures”. If you click on them they link back to the source. =)

      Excited to see what you come up with, and best of luck in juggling ROW80 goals and sponsoring,and A to Z, all at once. Very, very brave! =)

  8. That’s a wild video. You are really taking a philosophical outlook with the A to Z Challenge. I like it.

    The Dog Lived (and So Did I)
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    • Arlee –

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I am actually far more of a Nimoy fan than a Shatner one, but “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” wouldn’t have fit the theme. I’ve been to Yosemite (although the scariest thing I climbed was Moro rock, which had stairs and railings all the way up!), and I’ve seen El Capitan, and I loved STV: The Final Frontier.

      All other things aside, it’s a really funny video, with Shatner’s hamminess at the perfect middle ground.

      I tend to take a philosophical approach to life in general (hence the reason I feel more affinity for Spock than for Kirk?). I wanted to pick topics I’ve been wanting to explore anyway, because I like to get the most I can, personally, from anything I do, and 26 new blogposts are even better if I can also use them as a tool for spiritual deepening and growth…..

      I’ll be stopping by to pay you a visit, soon, and, again, welcome!

  9. I am totally in on the A-Z challenge!!! So far I only have three posts scheduled.. but I love your calendar.. and I didn’t even think that I could have an off day at the end of the week..
    Good luck on the challenge! I think it is going to be oodles of fun.

    • Darlene –

      I am really looking forward to the challenge!

      While I have my topics, I don’t have any of the posts written, or even really planned, yet.

      I know that I want there to be pictures, and a know that I want them to be about 500 words apiece.

      I have a general sense of where the topics may lead me.

      I intend to write them as freewriting, maybe on 750 words, and I’m not planning to do a lot of rewriting or refining.

      I want them close to raw. If they touch nerves, I will grow from that. I suspect some will, and I’m preparing for that….

      I hope to have at least 5 of them written and scheduled before April 1, then keep at least a day or two ahead, life depending.

      The way the challenge is scheduled, you only post on Sunday, when the month starts on a Sunday (like it does this month). The other Sundays are days off.

      But this leaves the last Monday with no letter, so I thought I would write some kind of brief wrapup instead…..

      Look forward to seeing what we both come up with!

      • That is genius to use 750 words as the place to write the posts! I think I will do that, too. (Yes, I am totally stealing your idea!) I have used 750 words in the past to do parts of my zombie book.. But I hadn’t thought to use it for this, But it is a great idea. I am also signed up for Script Frenzy.. I think i am in way over my head!

      • Darlene –

        I use 750 words for any type of freewriting….the last two thirds or so of Chameleon’s Dish (rough draft) are there; subsequent drafts won’t be, but various playing around with scenes, alternate streams, flash fiction or other stuff that delves into the characters and the stories might be….

        So far, I’ve used it for personal purging, the beginnings of flash fiction, book reviews, and blogposts, for examining my life and assorted ideas, and for the rough draft of a novel……pretty handy, no? =)

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