La Reve des Etoiles (The Dream of Stars)

This is, in my opinion,  the best poem I’ve ever written.

The word “unfettered” has been a longtime central theme of my life; this is the first documented case of my using it in my writing.

This was written either during or just after my senior year of high school, just because I had words and ideas in me that wanted out into the light. Guess I’ve been unschooling me for quite a while, now…

Venus reflected in the Pacific Ocean
Image via Wikipedia

La Reve des Etoiles (The Dream of Stars)

Written by Shan Jeniah Burton -Copyright 2012

Why is it that some souls never hunger for the stars?
They spend their lives searching for
a simple pot of gold at rainbow’s end
and find that mystery enough for a lifetime.
I’ve never been content with normal riddles.
Instead of a gold pot, give me the ball of Sol’s gold.
If I could only go beyond Venus, then Mercury,
I’d soar so close, I’d be caressed by heat as none before.

I’d let it cleanse me, burn away my imperfections
leaving me elemental and without flaw.

Then, beyond the burning and back toward Earth
From the golden fire into silvered ice.
I’d bound about freely, unfettered by mundane gravity,
Become doubly purified by Moon’s austere beauty.
I’d try to lie on my back and make moon-angels.
Then rise up weightless from luminescent surface.

O! Pearl of immeasurably great value!
I’ll leave Pearl behind for swirls of diamonds –
Each fiery starjewel alight with possibilities.
Other planets, other lives, other hopes and fears…
Other eyes looking up and outward to the stars…
Other souls striving to catch a dream,
To dare the impossible and touch ultimate light.
The dream of stars is a universal thing –
Intelligent life seeking control of its future.

Moon Dreams
Moon Dreams (Photo credit: jurvetson)


  1. Beautiful poem! 🙂 It’s nice to look back at stuff we wrote when we were younger and see how great some of it really was – of course some of our early work was also not so good, but we can just ignore that as part of the learning curve! 😉

    • Thank you, Sharon!

      If I remember rightly (1987 being a long time gone, now), this came more or less in one piece, very nearly in this form.

      I have other good poems I might get around to posting one day – and, yes, there are some embarrassingly wretched ones, too…..

      Whining in poetry is maybe even less appealing than live whining….. =)

      The deepest lesson, and the one it took me many years longer to learn, is that the good poems (like all my other good writing) came from deep inside, and needed very little editing when complete.

      The ones I worked on “to write a poem” never came out nearly as well as those that were poured forth from my soul.

      I won’t write another poem I have to drag and prune into life……. =D

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