Write1 Sub1 Monthly Challenge – February Update


It’s time for the second monthly update of my progress in the Write 1 Sub1 Monthly Challenge.  

This Ray Bradburry-inspired writing challenge is fairly self-explanatory.  The goal for the monthly challenge  (there’s also a weekly challenge for the extremely intrepid and productive type!) is to write one work of fiction or poetry each month, and to submit one work of fiction or poetry each month.

It can be the same piece, as Bradbury did it, or separate pieces.

Write 1: I didn’t have any trouble with this part….

  • On February 4, I wrote and posted 43 Weeks, a photo-prompted piece of flash fiction.
  • On February 11, I wrote and posted The Last House, another photo-prompted flash fiction piece.  I really felt this one, and it received many positive comments.
  • On February 19, I wrote and posted A Hawk From a Handsaw, a Trifextra Challenge. I always wanted Hamlet and Ophelia to have a happier ending –  or just the chance to follow their hearts, and so I gave them one.
  • I worked, intermittently, on a piece of flash erotica, eventually named “Twice-Coupled“.
English: Mignon Nevada as "Ophelia",...
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I might have written more, but my husband was in a life-threatening motorcycle accident the same night I finished my Trifextra piece.  He spent 10 days in the hospital before a Leap Day release, and life is just now settling back into some more regular rhythms as we all adjust to being together, again…..
Sub 1:  This part is still the more challenging, for me.  Writing things to give away free suits me well.  Writing things and asking for specific types of recognition triggers a lot of ingrained patterns set in childhood.  I’m aware of it, and learning, by proceeding in tiny increments, to take that plunge.  This month, if I had not had the challenge, I would likely have put off any effort at submitting…..
  • I  completed, revised, and polished “Twice-Coupled”, the flash erotica piece mentioned above. Just under the wire, on February 29, I celebrated Jim’s return home by submitting it to Clean Sheets.
  • At this writing, I have not yet heard back from the publication.

So, there you have it….may second month, and I managed to complete the challenge and then some….and I am looking forward to even more activity, this month!

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  1. Congrats on completing your goals, especially the Sub half, which I find most challenging as well. Best wishes for an equally productive March and health for your husband.

    • Jillian –

      I’m sorry I’m just now responding to your comment.

      March has indeed been productive, and Jim is healing well, one month later. He was able to drive today for the first time since the accident.

      Submitting is getting a bit less intimidating. Not easy, yet, or comfortable.

      But doable, and no longer panic inducing. =)

      May we both find it more natural as time goes on!

    • Carol – Having these assorted challenges and goals helped a lot in those panicky moments when the world seemed to be closing in around me.

      With two children, 7 and 10, needing me to hold it all together until Daddy was safe at home again, writing was my therapy and my sanity.

      A hidden advantage to challenges, I wonder? =)

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