ROW80 Update – “Sudden Impact”

Chef Bluebeard, pre-accident.


As some of you may know, my husband was seriously injured late Sunday night when his motorcycle collided with a deer.

He was thrown about 100 feet.  He fractured 8 ribs, tore his spleen, and one of his lungs collapsed.

Needless to say, these last few days have been very intense.  We have two children, ages 10 and 7, and the hospital is nearly an hour from home.  I’m juggling everyone’s needs, and we are very much just taking things moment by moment.


A safer ride......

He could have easily died, right there at the scene.  I am still absorbing that, too….

Writing helps.

But I’m exhausted, and easily distracted, and a bit befuddled.

I’m not going to do an elaborate report, just a quick update on what I’ve done, writing-wise.

Progress Toward A Round of Words Goals

  • I’ve written at least 750 words of my WiP , Chameleon’s Dish, each day.
  • I completed and emailed Jeremiah’s second quarter report.
  • I finished my first book review and posted it here.
  • I’ve worked on the “Big News” piece I’m in the midst of over at The Unfettered Life.
  • I’ve approved some comments to this blog.
Jim is a physical guy. It's scary seeing him struggling to move.

That’s pretty much it ……

I do have plans afoot, for the next several days, to be worked on as the chance and energy exist….

  • Complete Annalise’s second quarter report and email.
  • Finish “Big News” post.
  • Write “Animals” post for Unschooling Blog Carnival.
  • Continue using 750 words to work on Chameleon’s Dish.
  • Input more pages into Penzu.
Jim and Annalise at Congress Park, Saratoga Springs,NY
I’m letting everything else rest for a bit, until things settle out some and a bit more predictability returns to our days…..Right now, my focus is on helping Jim to heal,  providing a nurturing one-parent home for children accustomed to having two involved parents,  and taking good enough care of myself well enough to do those things and  nurture me, too.We have an amazing and far-flung chosen family, and various members have brought groceries and dinner, filled our gas tank,  given the children a place to play with friends and have respite from the intensity here and there, and chopped enough firewood to warm us even if winter decides to kick in with ferocity.
So happy we are still a happy family. At Amigo's Cantina, Schuylerville. NY

That’s it for now.  I am very tired, and still have words to write.

Follow the other ROWers here…..


  1. Well, I came by to say hello from the Fantasy group at the Campaign, but that seems strangely inadequate now!

    I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, and I’m so glad that it wasn’t worse for your husband! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Rebekah – Things are much better for him now. He is healing so fast, as a matter of fact, my head is spinning. Sunday night, he was on a backboard, barely able to speak, with a lacerated spleen, a collapsed lung, a possibly broken hand, and 8 fractured ribs.

      Today, he was up and walking the halls. His spleen is healing; his lung is reinflated and working fine. The hand may be ligament damage, or not. He did have a galloping heartbeat and is struggling a bit with hypertension (we already knew about that).

      So hard to believe that it’s been less than a week!

      And thanks so much for stopping by… all the uncertainty and fear and hope and joy of this crazy week, I totally forgot that the challenge started on the 20th…have no idea, yet, even what it is, so will be going over shortly to check it out!

  2. Hi Shan,

    It is great to hear that you have such a loving and supporting community of people offline as well as on. I love it when I hear that people come together in a crisis and help each other.

    Sounds like you are doing all you can to keep things as balanced as possible for both yourself and the children.

    I am glad that things are better than they could have been. I am glad he is still here for your family. I am glad he will mend.

    Much healing energy to Jim, you, and the rest of your family.


    • Morgan –

      I have awesome support, in many places. I am blessed, and want to give that back. Not so easy just now, except that I can let people who want to help have the pleasure of doing so…….

      And I can be kind to those who depend on me for that, and make this part of our lives as peaceful and happy as I can manage…

  3. Shan,
    I’m sending energy for everyone’s highest good and will keep you in my thoughts. Always, you write, providing yourself with perspective. Take care.

    • Karen –

      Write. Breathe…….that would be a hard choice, for me! Both are essential to my survival.

      We’re adapting. We’re being gentle with each other. And Jim is getting better.

      Thank you!

  4. I’m so glad to hear he’s healing. Have been thinking about you. Family has to come first, so you do what you need to for them and you, and we’ll all still be around when things settle back into your normal.


    • Fallon –

      My various communities help keep some normalcy. Writing helps when my breath gets short and my imagination turns to what could still go wrong.

      Writing keeps me sane.

      Sima garo provides. =)

      I may not be around as much, but I will be here. Here is good!

    • He is healing. He’s really tired, and phenomenally lucky.

      He’s been riding since he was 6 – and had his 48th birthday in the hospital. This is his fourth serious crash.

      Happy to have him alive and on the mend so we can celebrate his continued existence!

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