One-Minute Writer – “Style”

Sweet Little Devil!

I knew early on that she possesses a style sense I lack.  I really do not care.  She does.  A plain Mom.  A fancy girl.  True love, true fascination with each other’s way of being……..

Riding a Pink Unicorn......

I love her flair.  Endlessly unique.


  1. My Facebook profile says it all – I do not like to be told what to do.

    If there’s no intrinsic value in doing something, I won’t.

    If I can bring more joy or value to something by tweaking it, I will.

    Works for me! =)

    And, of course, we know that you have never, EVER adapted an assignment…. *cough, choke, splutter, gasp!*

    I love that you know me oh-so-well, Sys!

    • Forgot to mention that she used her saved allowance to buy the devil Darling costume and accessories. I’m not into dressup, for myself, but going alone with my fancy girl to fulfill her dream of costume perfection was a joyous adventure!

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