More Hyperlink experimentation…..I’m THAT Mom!




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I’m keeping this post here, as a bit of a reminder to myself……a reminder of how very much I learn, when I embark upon a project.

When I originally  posted the above hyperlink, I did so after researching how to write the HTML code for hyperlinks, then experimenting with it.

That’s how I learn a lot of what I can do on a computer, and in the rest of life.  A little research, or a lot, or somewhere in the middle.

A little experimentation, or a lot, or somewhere in the middle.

A little thinking, or a lot, or somewhere in the middle.


When I’m feeling insecure and wondering what business I have doing this when I  sometimes flounder at some new pursuit, I hope to come back here, and contemplate all I’ve learned, since I first posted it here, less than a year ago….

It’s the floundering that leads to insight and knowledge and self-awareness and growth.

It takes courage to flounder, and trust that the floundering is leading to proficiency.


I want to remember this. I want to greet my floundering with the confidence and will of a warrior……..


One comment

  1. It’s probably best that you are learning how to do a lot of this yourself. Once, I remember saying “I’ll happily teach you”, but really, our learning styles are so very different and it’s so much easier to retain information one looks for… Glad it’s happening and that you are finding your way along the world of HTML. Maybe we can learn CSS together…. 😉

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